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Actress Ra Mi Ran of 'Girl Cops' opens up about her personal reaction to 'Burning Sun' & Jung Joon Young controversies


On May 2, veteran actress Ra Mi Ran met up with media reporters during a roundtable interview in light of her first ever lead role film, 'Girl Cops'. 

While the genre of her new film 'Girl Cops' is a comedic action, the story also deals with heavy topics including digital sex crimes - a prevalent topic in today's society. 'Girl Cops' is expected to address such topics with a refreshing, but also realistic approach, with Ra Mi Ran and co-star Lee Sung Kyung heading the storyline as its two female leads. 

Just a few months before the premiere date of 'Girl Cops', the Korean entertainment industry was also hit with a series of major scandals, revolving around the exact topic of digital sex crimes. When asked about the ongoing issues, actress Ra Mi Ran admitted that the 'Burning Sun' and Jung Joon Young investigations and court cases were in fact, some of the same crimes seen in 'Girl Cops'. 

She revealed, "Personally, I used to be the type who was in the dark about such societal topics. There was a time when I used to think, 'If you don't want to become the victim of a crime, you should just not go to clubs.' But honestly, someone who is just entering college has the right to want to try a club once in her life, right? Crimes can happen anywhere, any time. Even I was not expecting a crime like this to blow up in such clear detail. Just like my reaction when I was faced with the crimes in my film, I was livid with anger. The victims often are unable to speak up and go into hiding. In that sense, I understood and felt even more anger, surging up inside me. In another sense, watching this film is even more refreshing because of that." 

Ra Mi Ran then opened up about her own reaction to the 'Burning Sun' and Jung Joon Young scandals taking up the media by storm, with, "I was incredibly shocked that the issues blew up just before our premiere. After we finished filming last summer, there were also a few digital sex crime articles, but even as late as then, I would just go, 'Oh it's the same story as in our film' or 'People are becoming more aware of these issues', and approach it in a positive way. But with this most recent issue going big, I began to worry. Because the issue involved celebrities and the story became famous in itself, the problems also became blown up. But in truth, these types of crimes occurred frequently even before this recent case. It was just that the past ones didn't receive as much exposure. Some people accuse our film of being 'a production calling out the recent scandals', but that's not true. Actually, the real scandal is more dramatic like a film than our film." 

Meanwhile, 'Girl Cops' also starring Yoon Sang Hyun, Girls' Generation's Sooyoung, and more premieres this May 9. 

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MANSE_DAEHAN44 pts Thursday, May 2, 2019 0
Thursday, May 2, 2019

Some people accuse our film of being 'a production calling out the recent scandals', but that's not true. Actually, the real scandal is more dramatic like a film than our film."



--this sooo TRUE!! the real ones are more dramatic...😅😅😅



Guesstar2,442 pts Thursday, May 2, 2019 2
Thursday, May 2, 2019

Like her method acting and smooth comic timing. 'The Fiery Priest' drama also depicted the BS scandal with their own version of 'Rising Moon Club' and now it's this movie's turn mirroring these crimes, even if coincidentally. It's time these elicit club culture and voyeurism/digital sex crimes are brought to light from real to reel-life and vice versa.


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