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10 kpop groups who performed on U.S. soil before BTS and BlackPink


The term "paving the way" gets thrown around a lot these days. It's a debate that apparently has no end in sight since no one can come to an agreement on who laid the path for today's biggest acts in kpop.

Until now that is. Here I have compiled a list of 10 kpop groups who performed on U.S. soil before BTS, BlackPink, NCT and others on today's scene.

If these groups didn't go west first then BTS and BlackPink would have no audience to perform in front of today in the States and other Western Countries.

Epik High (2009)

Wonder Girls (2010)

JYJ (2011)

Girls Generation (2011)

2NE1 (2012)

f(x) (2013)

TVXQ (2013)

Infinite (2013)

Vixx (2013)

U-Kiss (2014)

Let's give a round of applause for these ten groups and countless others that made it possible for Navy and Blinks and ONCE to see their faves live in the flesh.

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    Sunday, May 5, 2019

    Just so you know: The writer of this "article" is the same person who posted those mediocre "TVXQ paved the way for BTS" and "K-Pop is dying and no one sees it?" "articles" *lmao*


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    Sunday, May 5, 2019

    and yet american gp doesn't know even one of them.

    it's not hard to perform anywhere in the world if you have money to pay for it. that does not pave the way for anyone.
    you can't compare company concerts or joint k-cons to bts solo stadium tour because if one was to divide the audience by the group that they came to see the amount of fans in attendance would not be enough for a single concert.
    the only ones who had any sort of attendance worth mentioning were bb and even their tour audience in usa PUT TOGETHER (around 100k) was barely more than what bts garnered yesterday at rose bowl.

    this type of logic that suggests that if there was anyone with a remotely similar act as you before you you owe them your success is extremely flawed.

    k-pop was a niche hobby that made ppl who enjoyed it the butt of the joke if they mentioned it. it wasn't accepted, it wasn't recognized, it wasn't respected.
    and, frankly, it still isn't.
    the only reason why american gp even knows the first thing about k-pop is not because of wonder girls, or bigbang or whomever else stepped foot on american soil.
    it's because bts gained enough respect to get invited to gp-loved late night and morning shows instead of conventions taylored for k-pop fans.

    and, just a suggestion: if you want your 'article' to have even a modicum of credibility maybe don't purposefully call a fandom by the wrong and obviously mocking name. kinda blows ur cover as an anti.


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