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Son of a pharmaceutical CEO under fire for secretly filming hundreds of women


Police have arrested a 30yr old male for secretly filming hundreds of women.

According to a report by Dispatch on the 17th
, the son of a prominent pharmaceutical company CEO 'Lee' was arrested by police after a report by his girlfriend, the victim, who found CCTV installed all over his apartment.

The victim spoke with JTBC reporters on Thursday and said, "I visited his apartment the other day and saw a weird switch next to the toilet. When I looked closer, there was a memory card slot and it looked like it was a recording. I was so traumatized so I confronted him about it and he told me that filming hidden camera videos was a personal hobby that he's had for over 6 years. He said a lot of his friends did the same thing. I asked him to erase the videos and he said no. I'm so embarrassed and I have a lot of nightmares because I worry that the videos might leak. I have nightmares about this at least 5 times a day."

Afterwards she reported him to the police. They searched his apartment for more hidden CCTV cameras and found multiple hard drives and USBs all full of illegally filmed hidden camera videos. As of the 17th, police had found over 100 videos and the forensic team is still finding more.

Police recently filed for an arrest warrant for Lee after he confessed his crimes during investigation. Police believe based on the footage discovered that there's at least 30 victims.

Additional Source:Dispatch

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    WesternNoona81 pts Saturday, April 20, 2019 0
    Saturday, April 20, 2019

    Sad part is that he probably has no remorse expect maybe now after getting caught. He's been doing this for 6 years?! and his rich friends are doing it too?! So sick. Glad she was brave enough to go to the police. I honestly wonder is this the first time he has been reported or has he been reported before and the police are only acting now due to the Burning Sun incident.



    Caveman13328 pts Saturday, April 20, 2019 2
    Saturday, April 20, 2019

    Dispatch should use more of their resources on things like this than spying on celebrity dating life.


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