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Top 10 'Show Me The Money' performances EVER


'Show Me the Money' is a South Korean rap competition that airs on Mnet. The show is heavily credited in increasing Korea's interest in hip-hop music and has aired 7 seasons so far. Let's take a look at 10 of the best performances since its release in 2012.

1. 'GOD GOD GOD' by EK

Arguably one of the best performances in 'SMTM777,' EK delivers an absolute banger accompanied by his own dance crew, MBA. The performance was so impressive that producer The Quiett repeatedly said that this was the 'winning performance'. However, EK was eliminated by Kid Milli to the disappointment of many.

2. 'Red Sun' by Hangzoo (feat. Swings)

In the semifinal round of 'SMTM6,' eventual champion Hangzoo delivered this epic performance of his struggles, particularly about his eye condition.

3. 'Turtle Ship' by TEAM ZICO&Paloalto

This 'SMTM4' performance found inspiration from the historical Korean armored battleship that was shaped as a turtle. The group rapped about being unstoppable like Turtle Ships compared to regular, weak ships (rappers).

4. 'superbeewhy' by SUPERBEE (feat. BewhY)

SUPERBEE has been a regular in the 'SMTM' series, but this may have been his best performance yet. Alongside 'SMTM5' champion BewhY, this became one of the most memorable performances of the season.

5. 'YGGR' by Bobby

The iKON star delivered a powerful badass performance that made the audience go wild! BOBBY eventually went on to win 'SMTM3.'

6. 'Horangnabi' by Boi B

'Horangnabi' was a remake of an old Korean folk song by the same name sung by legendary singer Kim Hong-Geuk. The song was considered to be one of the biggest collabs of all time, and featured Boi B's very own Rhythm Power, WJSN, and Kim Hong-Geuk himself!

7. 'Good Day' by Team CODE KUNST&Paloalto

'Good Day' was one of the most chill performances of 'SMTM777' and showed that chill can beat hype in competitive hip-hop!

8. 'Bite' by Nafla

Nafla spits some straight fire in this song. No hooks, no features, no gimmicks. Just straight fire.

9. 'Forever' by BewhY

In my opinion, BewhY is the best rapper ever to have graced 'SMTM' (Nafla is the only debatable candidate). This song shows why.

10. 'FEAR' by MINO (feat. Taeyang)

You might remember this song for MINO's iconic 'abuji!' line. But the song itself, from the instrumental to MINO's execution to Taeyang's legendary entrance, made it one of the most legendary performances in 'SMTM.'

Feel like the list is missing something? Let me know in the comments below!

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Menean1,514 pts Wednesday, March 27, 2019 3
Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Fear. The best thing to ever come out of SMTM.


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JR___JR101 pts Wednesday, March 27, 2019 3
Wednesday, March 27, 2019

What about BI? His performance gave me goosebumps tbh


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