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Seungri denies gambling and prostitution allegations in interview


Seungri has denied the allegations of gambling and procurement of prostitution in an interview with Sisa Press.

On March 19, Sisa Press revealed an interview with the former Big Bang member, who expressed, "In this situation, no one will believe me even if I tell the truth." He stated the conversations between him, Jung Joon Young, former F.T. Island member JonghunJonghyun of CNBLUE, and former 'Yuri Holdings' CEO Yoo In Suk were not serious, explaining, "This controversy began with the KakaoTalk conversations. Just like we typo-ed the 'chief of police,' we were just idiots who were exaggerating and bragging among friends. These things have become police cover-ups and collusion in the public eye."   

Seungri continued, "The investigation agency thinks everything in the KakaoTalk conversations is real and considers it all evidence. I'm afraid there might be cold judgment, and it won't be fair because I'm a celebrity. I'm not in the place to express how I'm aggrieved I am or make a rebuttal because I feel apologetic to my fellow citizens. There was no gambling overseas or dealings with prostitution."

As for the accusations of Seungri winning 200 million Won ($176,260 USD) by illegally gambling abroad, he denied gambling and commented on his 2014 business partner, saying, "When I said I won money and sent photos of money, I was bluffing, lying, and showing off, so I said things that weren't true. [CEO A] didn't even see me gamble, and he wasn't even there with me. You can confirm this with the hotel." When asked more about his business partner, he simply stated, "He's just a scam artist." 

Sisa Press also spoke to Seungri's lawyer Son Byung Ho, who explained on the prostitution procurement allegations that CEO A had requested Seungri introduce him to a woman who could accompany him to Indonesia. However, A had gone to Indonesia with Seungri alone in the end. Seungri commented, "I was wrong. I shouldn't have been involved with those people or done those things."

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Who the hell will joke about police bribery, prostitution and gambling ? Putting prices on ladies photos and laughing about how the police help them to cover up ? Come on please find a good excuse better than this. Yeah of course they will take it seriously because normal people don't joke about those kinda things with their friends and laugh about it like it's nothing.


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