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Kang Hyuk Min reveals former co-star Jung Joon Young's unhealthy sex addiction

Kang Hyuk Min, formerly an ulzzang and currently a YouTuber, shared about Jung Joon Young

On March 25, Kang Hyuk Min uploaded a video titled 'What Kang Hyuk Min Thinks of Jung Joon Young' on his YouTube channel. Kang first explained he came to make the video because he continuously received many questions about Jung Joon Young. 

Back in 2011, Kang Hyuk Min and Jung Joon Young starred on 'Ulzzang Generation 5' together.

Kang said, "I can't share everything that happened with him, but I can honestly share my opinion and what I felt about hyung." He then revealed, "I personally think he was crazy about sex. It was very unhealthy and (his sex addiction) was severe to the point of an illness."

Kang explained, "He only talked about girls whenever I talked to him. Like who he drank and slept with last night." Jung Joon Young sometimes came to the filming sets after drinking until the morning, according to Kang. 

Kang added he couldn't become close to Jung Joon Young because as a person who has a sister, he didn't like guys who boast about their sex life. 

There were people who asked Kang to introduce them to Jung Joon Young but Kang would tell them, "No way," and Kang also told 'Ulzzang Generation' co-stars to be careful of Jung Joon Young. 

As for Jung Joon Young's habit of filming sex videos, Kang said he had no idea and said, 'I hope he receives the punishment he deserves."

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Paige_Collins124 pts Tuesday, March 26, 2019 7
Tuesday, March 26, 2019

A cheap guy's mentality takes pride in the number of women he can bed throughout his life, without strings attached, without taking any responsibility.

Too bad Jung Joon Young is such kind and he ain't definitely alone. I have seen guys of that sort in the society.

A decent guy should take pride upon his integrity in a fulfilling relationship. Not how far promiscuous he is capable of.

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Nogrammynopinion-10,190 pts Tuesday, March 26, 2019 6
Tuesday, March 26, 2019

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