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YoonA blushes as Tony An's mother suggests she and her son get married


YoonA appeared as special guest on the March 24 episode of SBS's 'My Little Old Boy'!

During the episode, the program's regulars were awed by her stunning visuals, and she quickly became popular among the mothers of the show, who expressed wishing they were able to have the Girls' Generation member as their own daughter.

"She's really so pretty. If only our Tony was younger," Tony An's mother Lee Ok Jin commented. "Tony is really kind. YoonA also seems like a nice girl. You two would go well together."

Later, show MC Seo Jang Hoon mentioned YoonA was a big fan of Tony's group H.O.T growing up, then asking her to honestly name which member was her favorite.

"I really was a fan of Tony oppa. Really!" she answered, to which his mother replied: "I knew it. Their style is the same."

"I went to [the recent] H.O.T concert, and the same stage presence Tony had when he was active with H.O.T back then is still there." YoonA added.

"It would really be great if you married our Tony, right?" Lee Ok Jin playfully continued.

In response, Kim Jong Kook's mother Cho Hye Sun added: "We all have the same thoughts [about YoonA and our own sons.] We just haven't been able to express it in words."

Meanwhile, on the day the episode aired, YoonA was seen supporting fellow Girls' Generation member Taeyeon at her encore solo concert.

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levonegab682 pts Sunday, March 24, 2019 0
Sunday, March 24, 2019

Queen Yoona is too young for tony, he is too old.(sorry).

Yoona looks even younger than many 23 years old female celebrities in world. Queen Yoona is also too beautiful, rich and famous. she is a jewelry

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anelyecom532 pts Sunday, March 24, 2019 0
Sunday, March 24, 2019

30 for Korea and maybe Asia, but 29 for America, EU and The rest of World! ... Yoona still is young and even looks younger than many '20-year-olds' female celebrities in world. Yoona never age, she is a vampire. Yoona is also so successful, rich, and beautiful. She can have her picks of guys. In the past, a 30-year-old woman used to be considered an adult lady and she looked it! It was easy to tell a 20-year-old woman from a woman who was 10 years older. But today, a young girl can really shock us with her passport that says “30 years old” because today, 30-year-old girls look exactly the same as 20-year-olds. Why is that? Scientists have proven that “middle age” begins at 35, so if you’re just 30 years old, you are officially a young person. the modern 30-year-olds women look so different from the 30-year-olds women of the past.

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