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Yoo In Na opens up about debuting at an older age after 11 years of training



Yoo In Na opened up about her late debut. 

In an interview with 'High Cut,' Yoo In Na compared herself to her 'Touch Your Heart' character Oh Jin Shim, a celebrity who has abundant experience in acting but none in social life. 

Yoo In Na said, "I had a late debut. I was 28 years old. I lived as a non-celebrity for 11 years since I started training in 17, so I had a low self-consciousness about my celebrity status even after my debut. I felt sorry whenever someone asked me for an autograph, wondering if I'm allowed to be giving autographs like this. But I feel like things have balanced out now after 10 years since my debut. I feel like I've finally broken free from the timidness. Lately, I've also felt a bit regretful, wondering what it would've been like if I've debuted a little earlier. I've never thought this way but I guess I've settled now."

More of Yoo In Na's interview and photos can be found 'High Cut.'

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Friday, February 8, 2019

Eleven years... damn. Does this really mean that as long as a trainee is signed to an idol company, the company decides when she gets to debut, even when she gets older? That as long as you have the status of a trainee, you can't tell them that "now, I'm ready, I'm going to spread my wings and try to succeed", but instead you have to wait until they determined your readiness, as if trying to achieve enough trainee points and receive a degree in idolness? (Of course I understand that at any point they can quit the entertainment company, break the contract and suffer the financial penalty, and try to make it in music without a company like that.)



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Friday, February 8, 2019

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