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Seungri's sister allegedly asks netizens to help Seungri by sharing online footage 'favoring the 'Burning Sun' staff's actions'


According to reports on February 2, Seungri's sister was allegedly seen sharing new, online footage being spread around via SNS portals regarding the incidents surrounding club 'Burning Sun'. 

An SNS account seemingly belonging to Seungri's sister said, "Please share this link to everybody for my brother. U guys can link to this URL on my profile." 

The footage that Seungri's sister shared contains supposed new developments regarding the "victim" of the ongoing case, Mr. Kim, and the 'Burning Sun' staff including the guards, plus police who showed up on the scene. 

Prevously, footage from club 'Burning Sun' of a man being beaten by multiple guards caused controversy online. Shortly afterward, the "victim" came forward and claimed that the club staff beat him because he tried to protect a woman from sexual harassment. 

In the "new" footage that Seungri's sister shared, blurry footage shows an individual suspected to be Mr. Kim involved in a fuss with police, just outside 'Burning Sun'. The explanation in the footage claims, "It is absolutely not true that Mr. Kim received a beating for trying to save a woman from sexual harassment. Mr. Kim was in fact arrested for approaching two females with harassing motives." This footage does not include the earlier mentioned footage of the guards and Mr. Kim involved in violence, and many netizens believe that the "new" footage was edited with bias "in favor of 'Burning Sun' staff". 

Netizens are also criticizing Seungri's sister for sharing footage which may prove more harmful to Seungri in the long run, as the footage was "shared on a Facebook page containing mostly comedic content", and contains "one-sided claims"

Currently, the police investigation involving Mr. Kim, 'Burning Sun' staff, and more is still ongoing. 

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GD_Amber1,407 pts Friday, February 1, 2019 5
Friday, February 1, 2019

It's not to "favoring the 'Burning Sun' staff's actions'" it's for her brother, the one the received all the hate when he literally done nothing, and there are new evidence showed how an employee and the Kim guy planned all of this and use Seungri name but of course Allkpop will not report that


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reonsoresque4 pts Saturday, February 2, 2019 0
Saturday, February 2, 2019

The footage is not blurry, it‘s actually better quality than the one K initally uploaded and you can see his face. If he wants to be more believable, how about he shares the time and date stamp of his video, which is conveniently cut out from his. There is no way to know if the cut is not missing from the video in favor of Burning Sun, but the scene he claims as an assault of the police in his own video clearly shows him dragging the police man down and initiating the fight in the new video so his credibility is questionable.

The new video is here:https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=841727282831381&id=162940967376686



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