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Netizens wonder about the success of post-Produce 101 groups


Netizens wondered about the success of post 'Produce 101' groups.

The 3 groups brought up were PRISTINWeki Meki, and Gugudan. All three groups, especially PRISTIN, feature prominent 'Produce 101' contestants, and more importantly, ex-IOI members. All three groups had enjoyed the spotlight when they debuted, but now, all three groups are objectively not doing so well. 

Netizens have attributed the lack of success of the groups mostly due to bad management by the companies. PRISTIN hasn't had an album in a long time even after PRISTIN V, and Kyla is rumored to have left the group. Gugudan's Hyeyeon has also left the group, and even the 3-member 'Produce 101' group did not see much success. Weki Meki is also failing to see much success even with their albums.

It is also believed that there are too many members in addition to the 'Produce 101', and that many of the members' concepts clash.

What do you think of the three groups?

  1. Gugudan
  3. Weki Meki
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Secretninja3123,659 pts Sunday, February 24, 2019 10
Sunday, February 24, 2019

First off, this is a poorly written article with almost no evidence that this discussion happened amongst nitzens to backup your claims.

That being said, I wouldn’t exactly say these groups have fail because as groups they’re doing ok and are still relevant. Yes They definitely didn’t have the IOI level immediate success but they’re all still fairly new groups, most of them are barely two years in, so they still have time to grow. Idk what Pledis is doing with Pristin, I have a feeling they were trying to hold out for Kyla to come back which is why they did a unit release last year like what they did with Nu’est W when Minhyun was gone. They really need to do a comeback soon because I personally thought they had the most potential to be big and they’re going to lose that traction if they don’t. Aside from them, WekiMeki and Gugudan are at least still names of groups that people know of and have members who go on variety shows and have constant comebacks (which thier company’s wouldn’t do if they weren’t bringing in money)

Funny that you failed to mention the other post IOI groups because they’re not doing bad either. DIA managed to get a music show win last year (?) WJSN is doing much better the last two comebacks with thier songs charting higher and they got a music show win. And Chungha is on the rise to being a great solo artist Gotta Go managed to get 5 wins. Basically what I’m getting at is, you can’t judge thier success just based on how they did right after debut, some groups have a slow rise. Come back to this in a couple more years and then we can talk about thier success.


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eottoke12,627 pts Sunday, February 24, 2019 6
Sunday, February 24, 2019

The only pd101 girls who are doing well right now is chungha and jeon so yeon of (g)idle.


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