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Jongup opens up about the members' departure from TS Entertainment + B.A.P's future


Jongup opened about B.A.P's departure from TS Entertainment

In an exclusive phone interview with News1, Jongup explained, "We can't be together at the moment because each member is in a different situation and has different plans but I believe we can come together again some time. We plan to focus more on what we wanted to do for now."

Jongup added, "We never said disbandment. There are a few who want to try going solo and we are in a situation where we can't be together so we decided to just support one another on." 

Jongup expressed deep appreciation to the fans, and said, "To be honest, it's upsetting how we couldn't promote a lot as B.A.P, but we've accepted the situation and decided to cheer one another on."

Now, Jongup plans to promote as a solo artist. He said, "I plan to focus on the music and performance I wanted to try. I want to meet great people during my break and go back on stage again."

Earlier, TS Entertainment officially announced HimchanDaehyunYoungjae, and Jongup decided not to renew their contracts with the agency. Prior to this, Bang Yong Guk and Zelo left the label in August and December 2018, respectively. 

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fantasticlau2,574 pts Monday, February 18, 2019 4
Monday, February 18, 2019

Sounds very much like disbandment to me, just not official. They will soon start enlisting. When one member returns, another member will enlist. There's at least 7-8 full years until we see all of them together, and by then everyone probably will have moved on with their lives. It's sad. I loved them so much.

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nnani2,730 pts Monday, February 18, 2019 1
Monday, February 18, 2019

If people listened to the members, been to their concerts or heard from the concerts rather than just reading articles they'd know they are NOT disbanding. They will come back together, right now is just hard bc it's fresh from leaving and there may be statements in the contracts stating specific things that would hold them back from promoting a type of way till a certain time period. The boys themselves aid they'll be back as 6 but it'll take a short while, but they'll be back. ^_^.

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