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Heechul assumes his past car accident is the reason for his low life expectancy


Heechul's life expectancy has been revealed.

On the February 5 airing of KBS2's '6-Party Talks,' Heechul, Lee Kyung KyuKim Yong ManPark Myung SooJang Dong Min, and Jang Do Yeon went through physical examinations to find out their life expectancy. 

Heechul wished his life expectancy would be 100 years but his results were the lowest out of all as it turned out to be 72.4 years. 

Heechul commented, "I got in a big car accident 13 years ago. I was so busy that I couldn't undergo rehabilitation. During this exam, I was told the balance of my body is in serious condition." 

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Tuesday, February 5, 2019

I still remember both his and Kyuhyun accidents. Dark times for ELF. :(


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Tuesday, February 5, 2019

I'm not saying that the car accident wouldn't be a part of it, but you have to look at several other factors in his life as well. What is his exercise routine like (and YES, even people who've been in accidents can have healthy routines that are safe for long-term injuries), what types of foods does he eat, and when you get right down to the nitty gritty, what are his genetics like. For some people, you can be as healthy as a horse with everything you do, not touch any terrible substances, not have any accidents, and STILL drop dead before you're 50 due to a pre-existing genetic deformity. That's why some people have heart conditions even though their sodium intake is low and they do everything else by the books. I know the accident was a horribly tragic and frightening time for him that still haunts him to this day, but unfortunately for some people, it can be just a horrible genetic hand dealt to them at birth. If he really wants to know, he should take a closer look at his family's general health history to see if there are any patterns of specific health issues so he can try to watch out for them early, if they exist at all. But strictly saying it all came from the car accident wouldn't be completely accurate in this situation. I wish him well though.


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