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Posted by LeJulie AKP STAFF Monday, February 4, 2019

Cute Onstage Interactions between idols and their backup dancers


We love our K-pop idols because no matter where they are, whether on stage or off stage, they are incredibly genuine in their kindness and love. We always see idols interact with one another but don't get see much of how they act with their backup dancers. Here are some moments our favorite idols treated their backup dancers like family. 

  1. Big Bang's Twins 

In the middle of their concert, Big Bang stopped their concert to shine some light on their twin background dancers and celebrate their birthday with VIPs. The twins even got a moment to flaunt their smooth moves and just hang out with the members. Their smiles are enough to tell Big Bang and their background dancers are a great team. Thank you Deukie and Dony!! 

2. Taeyeon and the Girls

The genuine laughter and cute back and forths show that Taeyeon really takes the time to appreciate and laugh with her backup dancers. In this clip, she takes time to do a little photo shoot with them while performing synchronized chest pumps that has everyone cheering with laughter. 

3. Super Junior's Mimic King

In Bangkok, Super Junior took a moment to laugh and play with their background dancer and even brought up a dancer that can imitate Donghae incredibly accurately. 

4. Probably The Best Wedding Ever

When her backup dancer tied the knot, IU made sure to be present to celebrate and even performed a small piece together again to celebrate the big day. If this isn't the sweetest thing ever I don't know what is.

5. Funny Bae Bae

Big Bang is known to always find ways to have fun on stage whether it's with VIPs or with their background dancer. But almost every stage of Bae Bae is them teasing and laughing with their background dancers which really proves they are as fun as they seem. 

6. Flying Kiss Attack

No one, and I mean no one can resist a kiss from Jin. So when he sent some flying at his dancers there was no other thing to do than to fall over from the pure power of his handsomeness. But also they look how cute they are laughing together. 

7. Squad Squad

Sunmi and her background dancers have a really unique relationship that transpires on stage. Together, they created a fun and unique video for "Siren." Peep the moment she smacks her dancer in the face on accident and the laughter they share. Just look at how much fun they have together.

8. Truly the Only One For Sungjae

Out of all the members, Sungjae is noted to have a fun relationship with one particular backup dancer. Watch as they add subtle changes to their dance for a little bit of fun. 

9. L(e)oyalty 

When Leo was tasked with promoting a new song, he enlisted the help of his background dancers for help. But when he messed up and begged for a second chance they came to his aid with no hesitation. The bond between an idol and their backup dancer knows no boundaries.

10. Koala Jimin

We all know Jimin will koala anyone. So when he throws himself at his background dancer they have no choice but to carry him for the final bow. True friendship starts with koala hugs. Trust. 

What are some of your favorite idol and background dancer interaction?

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cp2654 pts Tuesday, February 5, 2019 0
Tuesday, February 5, 2019

the bae bae stages are iconic



Rylie13 pts Monday, February 4, 2019 0
Monday, February 4, 2019

I love how the idols have fun with their dancers. It's really cute and shows how close they are.



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