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YG's disrespect is taking its toll on Seungri. Fans are left concerned yet again.


Bigbang Seungri visited Tokio today for his debut solo tour "The Great Seungri" 

  1. After it was reported that BIGBANG Seungri was left without back up dancers and stylists to perform on his own angry fans answered trending #Seungrideservesbetter worldwide and spamming Yang Hyun Suk's instagram comments. As the media got interested in the topic of YG's negligent attitude towards Seungri and mismanagement, YG didn't release a statement, instead  Yang Hyun Suk made him apologize in an instagram post. 

After today's show many fans were left disappointed yet again. Seungri in one of his talks said, he has to wait for his turn to enter the recording room, that he's usually the last one and is only allowed to enter when all of his hoobaes finish recording. In Korean culture it's a huge blow to one's pride because of the senior-juniorsunbae-hoobae ) relationship that puts great importance on respect towards seniors. That only further shows that Big Bang members are not receiving the respect they deserve for putting YG on the big3 map and that the saying:  "YG only cares about you if you bring enough $ revenue" is indeed true.

 Currently fans are leaving positive messages for Seungri on twitter and instagram while some are planning YG's demise.

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Izzie20191,263 pts Saturday, January 26, 2019 23
Saturday, January 26, 2019

Yg would never do this to g dragon or tayeang. I am curious if g dragon confronted yg about this situation if yg would actually do something about it.

Yg is so ungrateful, first was 2ne1 and seungri, how long will take before he does this to blackpink? 2ne1 and bigbang pratically built the company, and he just throws them away, what happened to the yg family?


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Louis_XIV343 pts Saturday, January 26, 2019 1
Saturday, January 26, 2019

I know they're really loyal to yg (especially GD) but I really really hope they don't renew their contracts again and instead set up their own label. BB deserves so much better.


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