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The Most Creative K-pop Fan-made Items

Every fan's dream is to own all the K-pop merch in the world to flaunt our love for our favorite group. But official merch can get kind of expensive! However, with creative K-pop fans, there's always a way to show our love and appreciation. 

Here are some incredibly creative fan-made items inspired by their love for K-pop. 

1) BTS Love Yourself Flower Wire Earrings

We all have to admit BTS' 'Love Yourself' album cover is incredibly beautiful. Its elegance and grace is something that matches the boys' tenderness incredibly well and fans worldwide have been inspired by it to create tangible fanart to share. Not only that but fans have even been spotted getting the same art tattooed! 

2) Custom Mugs

There are online shops where people can put their own custom work on various items. Fans worldwide have come to love the many faces of EXO and decided why not make it into a travel mug that EVERY EXO fan can have. 

3) K-Pop Star/Song Scented Candles

If you've ever wondered what your favorite bias smells like, don't worry you're not the only one, this is the product for you!! Inspired by idols, groups, and songs you can order your very own candle that may or may not smell like your idol but will definitely smell amazing. 

4) Custom Journals!

If journaling is your thing and you're on the lookout for your next one, look no further!! There are plenty of K-pop inspired notebooks like this beautiful watercolor Seventeen one you can find on RedBubble or other art sites. 

5) Custom Sneakers

Are you into K-pop but shirts and sweaters are not your styles? Custom sneakers are the way to go! Not only do you get to show off your fresh kicks but you also get to show off your favorite bias. 

6) Wall Tapestry

Why not spice up your place with some beautiful tapestries of your favorite group. You can always look forward to coming home to see your favorite members decorating your home! 

7) Bed Set

Taking custom to the extreme, how about changing your bed set to the logo of your favorite group?

8) Lightstick Pins

Being in multiple fandoms sometimes means you can't afford all the lightstick. But don't fret! Fans have created lightstick pins you can carry around as a sign of your loyalties. 

9) Custom Caps

Why not include a customized cap to complete your K-pop aesthetic that totally understands the struggles of loving an unattainable idol. 

10) Stickers!

Silly stickers of your favorite idols can be found on any arts & craft online store in different styles depending on the artist. 

What are some of your favorite K-pop fanmade items? Also if you're the creative type, you can try your own custom items at allkpopTHESHOP.

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sweetandspicy7465 pts Thursday, January 31, 2019 0
Thursday, January 31, 2019

Those lightstick pins are so cute

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joanner223,348 pts Thursday, January 31, 2019 3
Thursday, January 31, 2019

I wish I was this creative and talented haha

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