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Teen misses school, even gets held back a grade due to her obsession with Seventeen


A teenager is worrying peers with her obsession with Seventeen.

On the January 21 airing of KBS' 'Hello Counselor,' a 17-year-old student, Kim Eun Seo, shared concerns about her friend Yoo Na whose life revolves around Seventeen. 

Kim Eun Seo stated, "My friend has been obsessed with Seventeen for 3 years. Of course, she attends their concerts and fan sign events, and she also collects their merchandise. But after attending their concert, she doesn't come to school because she poured all her energy there. She's also late to school 2-3 times a week. I think her family has given up on her but I see her at school every day so I'm worried. I think the teachers have also given up too."

Yoo Na is a hardcore Seventeen fan who knows everything about the K-pop group including their debut date, birthdays, position, dances, and more. Yoo Na said, "I go to bed late because I'm watching Seventeen videos, so I end going to school late or just not going at all. I also followed them around (to music shows). There were times when I didn't go home for 24 hours."

Kim Eun Seo additionally revealed, "My friend didn't come to school during exams. Her grades drop if she gets a zero but she doesn't care. She ultimately got held back due to missed exams and absences. Everyone else is moving up to high school but she will have to go through the grade again." 

Regarding her friend's concerns, Yoo Na commented, "In a way, I understand but in a way, I don't. I think you can follow around an artist if you really like them."

In the end, Yoo Na received an encouraging video message from Seventeen who stated, "It's upsetting to hear that you're not doing well in school because of us. We will invite you to our concert if you work hard in school." Yoo Na then promised, "I'll listen to my parents and go to school."

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Monday, January 21, 2019

Honeslty it’s sad to see how obsessed people get with these idol groups/fandoms. No group should be worth giving up your schooling and future for. Also not too thrilled that they gave her a personal message from Seventeen and a promise to invite her to a concert if she stayed in school because that’s basically rewarding her for obsession and who’s to say it won’t encourage others to do the same thing since “hey! This girl skipped class and followed her fave group and they noticed her!”


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ATA-4 pts Monday, January 21, 2019 0
Monday, January 21, 2019

All kpop fans lose sleep, but we still manage to take care of our responsibilities. Not caring about your schooling is too much. No group is worth your future.



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