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MINEs request better treatment of 9MUSES through hashtag '9MusesDeservesBetter'


Fans of girl group 9MUSES have created a hashtag to ask for better treatment of the group from Star Empire. 9MUSES has been inactive as a full group since their last release 'Love City' in August of 2017. The music showpromotions for this comeback only lasted for a week, to much anger of the fans.

Fans have expressed their anger and frustations with the company many times in the past as well. In 2013, the debut documentary of 9MUSES was releasedand caused many people to feel upset over the abusive nature the girls were working in. In a certain clip, a man whose face can not been seen as he is standing with his back to the camera hits former member Sera in the face. The man is believed to be the CEO, who was rumored to be a former gang memeber. 

In 2016, Kyungri revealed the CEO never greets her back when she greets him, but that he does greet the popular artists and even gives them gifts. The same year, the company also got some backlash for making the group perform in maid outfits during a military event and uploading photos that resembled paparazzi photos.

And now fans have created the hashtag to bring attention to the group and their situation, and hopefully improve their treatment. 

The requests include:

  • 2 (or more) comebacks a year
  • Regular music show promotions
  • Equal chances and support for individual promotions
  • A world tour
  • Respect from the company

The hashtag has already gained attention amongst Kpop fans on Twitter, both Korean and international, even making it's way to Moon Hyuna, a former member of 9MUSES who has shown support for the hashtag.

Aside from the hashtag, fansite 9MUSES NET has also started the '#9MusesDeservesBetter Support Project'. Until the 14th of February, people can buy the 'Love City' album, post the payment confirmation below the original tweet with name and win below prices.

  1. Nine Muses
  2. Sera
  3. Hyuna
  4. Hyemi
  5. Kyung Li
  6. Sojin
  7. Keumjo
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I remember watching that documentary and feeling so sorry for these girls. This is why people shouldn’t put shit on idols because they have no idea the hardships they go through behind closed doors. I really feel for these girls so much



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Wednesday, January 16, 2019




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