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#HAPPYKAISOODAY - 7 reasons to ship Kaisoo!


Kyungsoo and Kai of EXO have their birthdays very close together with Kyungsoo's on January 12 and Kai's on January 14. As a result of this, many fans have called the day in between their birthdays, Kaisoo day! So on this special day, let's look at 7 reasons to love Kai and Kyungsoo's friendship! 

1) Their height difference

One of the things fan love the most about these two would be their adorable height difference. Kai stands at 182cm (6'0") while Kyungsoo is smol-er, 172cm (5'7"), this means that these two have a very cute 10cm difference in height and it makes them look adorable standing next to each other. 

2) Kai always wants to make Kyungsoo do Aegyo 

This video shows Kai finally getting a win when Kyungsoo was made to do aegyo for him. Kai has mentioned multiple times on various variety shows that he loves it when Kyungsoo does aegyo because he thinks the other man is very good at it. 

3) The cute way they met

On 'Knowing Brothers,' it was revealed that Kai and Kyungsoo didn't start their friendship off on the best note. Kai had actually been a little intimidated by Kyungsoo right at the beginning as he felt that Kyungsoo was scary with the way he stared at people (due to his poor eyesight). Kai even refused to eat with him on the first day because he just felt too uncomfortable. However, the two of them got really close after the first day and are amazing friends right now!

4) Kyungsoo's voice is Kai's favorite in EXO 

Kai has mentioned multiple times that Kyungsoo's voice is his favorite in EXO and he can always be seen being captivated by Kyungsoo's deep husky voice. Kai is always hyping up Kyungsoo and telling him how good he thinks his hyung is.

5) Kyungsoo is a big fan of Kai's dancing

Kyungsoo has mentioned that he always gets surprised when seeing Kai dance on stage, even if it is something that he always sees as a fellow member of EXO.  He always gets surprised, really, when I watch him dance on stage. We love kings that support one another!

6) Kai and Kyungsoo share their clothes

You know two people are close when their closets are shared! Kai and Kyungsoo have been seen wearing the same articles of clothes multiple times and since Kyungsoo is smol-er, Kai's clothes usually hang a little bigger on him. It is adorable that the two of them are close enough to do this!

7) They are always there for each other

It is probably a lot of pressure to be in one of the biggest Kpop Boy Groups, but Kai and Kyungsoo are seen to always look out for each other whether it is in the words they say or the little gestures they do with one another. They are always seen caring for each other and they make each other happy! 

Happy Kaisoo Day!

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Sunday, January 13, 2019

i love their friendship so much!


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Monday, January 14, 2019

.....thumbs up from me.....!!!!



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