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B1A4 fans angry with rookie boy group VERIVERY for allegedly copying rallying cry


B1A4 fans are angry with Jellyfish Entertainment's rookie boy group VERIVERY for an allegedly overlapping rallying cry gesture.

The problematic group gesture in question was recently shared via VERIVERY's SNS, as seen below:

However, after seeing the gesture, some immediately noticed a similarity to B1A4's rallying cry, which goes like so:

What's more is that the gesture above was created by B1A4 very specifically for their usage before stages, and also to show their fans, by the members themselves, and fans argue that the gesture is by no means a common or widely-used one. 

Back in 2016, B1A4's CNU took to the group's official fancafe to first introduce fans to their newest rallying cry, writing, "Everyone, we came up with a new rallying cry! It's a rallying cry we do before going on stage, and we came up with a new one today so I want to show it to you hehe... You bring everyone's hands together [like in the drawings] and then make them overlap!! kekeke. It's pretty cool, right? We'll show it to you for real later."

B1A4 fans, also known as Banas, commented on the matter with, "This is a rallying cry which symbolizes precious memories between B1A4 and fans. It's a rallying cry that the members showed us in person, asking us to spread it widely as the 'B1A4 rallying cry'... We ask for VERIVERY and Jellyfish Entertainment's quick feedback."

Others added on, "This is just exactly the same thing", "If this happened to my bias group I would be fuming right now", "I hope companies do some detailed research before debuting their idol groups, so things like this don't happen", "It hasn't been very long since they debuted, so there should be plenty of time for them to deliberate and change their cry", "Wow, B1A4 made such a pretty rallying cry TT. This makes me very upset", and more. 

What do you think about the issue?

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banachan1620140 pt Friday, January 11, 2019 0
Friday, January 11, 2019

To everyone reading this, Banas are CALMLY explaining to allkpop the real situation so please see replies on allkpop's tweet itself: https://twitter.com/allkpop/status/108359619026292...


Thank you for writing an article about B1A4.

However, if you PLEASE try to read the comments in the tweet of VERIVERY (https://twitter.com/by_verivery/status/10828233024...), B1A4 fans were CALMLY pointing out that the gesture is similar. It is very INACCURATE and UNPROFESSIONAL to put a headline that "FANS ARE ANGRY". Banas are even congratulating them on their debut.

Are you going to be responsible if a fandom war suddenly happens just because of your irresponsible writing?

Please do correct your headline and be a bit more professional? While I'm still asking nicely.



nnani2,068 pts Friday, January 11, 2019 0
Friday, January 11, 2019

As a multifandom, so I'm a Bana as well as a Jellyfish fan, you should question Jellyfish NOT VERIVERY. This isn't a VERIVERY problem this is Jellyfish sadly. I'm a bit sad in Jellyfish cause Jellyfish is a great company, they should have known better.



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