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24K announce leader Cory's departure as a member of the group


On January 25, 24K's label Choeun Entertainment issued the following notice, regarding members Cory and Sungoh

"How are you? This is Choeun Entertainment. 
First, we would like to say that 24U endured many struggles this past year.
Today, we would like to notify you regarding members Cory and Sungoh.
24K's original member Cory performed excellently as the group's leader and oldest hyung for a very long time, and the Choeun Entertainment staff and 24K members feel very grateful toward him.
However, as his contract expiration approached, we debated various directions with Cory, and ultimately decided that due to factors such as age, it would be best if Cory discontinued his promotions as a member of 24K, and switch gears into a full-time producer.
We wanted to respect Cory's intentions to pass down the role of group member to his younger hoobaes, and for Cory to focus on producing. We would be thankful if you all continued to show your unchanging support toward Cory, who will greet you with good music in the future.
This is a notice regarding original member Sungoh.
Sungoh recently returned to Choeun Entertainment after completing his mandatory military service. Currently, Sungoh is currently composing a song for 24K's next comeback album. As for Sungoh's future direction, we will notify you with an additional notice after more careful deliberation with him. 
Choeun Entertainment will work hard to invite 24K's original members Cory, Sungoh, Kisoo, and more to future 24K shows and performances so that they can have opportunities to meet their longtime fans in person. 
Currently, 24K are searching for new directions which will help their transformation into a more global group, while preparing for their next album. We promise to greet you with improved music and an improved image. Once again, we thank all 24U for your support, and wish you a happy new year."

Best of luck to 24K, Cory, and Sungoh in 2019!

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MeAnotherself1,436 pts Friday, January 25, 2019 2
Friday, January 25, 2019

I'm just sad we couldn't do more for him when he was in 24K. He stuck it out until the end of his contract and never got to win on a music show. He deserved to so much

Love you Cory and appreciate all of your hard work! We'll miss you as a member of 24K, but we will always support you and the rest of 24K!

And thank you Choeun, for not waiting forever to announce this news or not announcing it at all.

(We could have seen this coming when Choeun opened trainee auditions with the promise of debuting straight away in 2019)


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rmiralexander8 pts Friday, January 25, 2019 0
Friday, January 25, 2019

I love how thoughtful this was written. ❤️



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