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Lee Jong Suk's jab at the 'lacking narrative' of his short drama series 'Hymn of Death' is making viewers frown


Actor Lee Jong Suk is causing controversy with his Instagram activity, as his currently airing SBS short drama series 'Hymn of Death' wraps up later today (December 4). 

On this day, in light of the final episode of the 6-part drama, Lee Jong Suk simply stated, "Today is the last episode. More than anything, I feel good about receiving compliments for my acting. Thanks to everyone for their hard work," alongside photos taken from the set of the drama. 

However, approximately a week ago, Lee Jong Suk was seen with a wordier personal opinion about 'Hymn of Death', as in the post below. He wrote back on November 28, "I feel good because it seems like the response and the viewership ratings are better than expected. Good for SBS.. I hope you're happy.. and you can prosper.. and please make more short dramas.. And the narrative and the emotions which are just a ti~ny bit lacking.. I believe you guys will overcome them with the power of production..." 

Onlookers interpreted Lee Jong Suk's words various ways. Some pointed out that the actor was being "rude" to the scriptwriter, and others observed that a "famous star" was showing his "pretentiousness". Those who criticized Lee Jong Suk for his words stated, "What an impudent person...", "He must think of himself as a really great actor or something", "Is he trying to pick a fight with the writer?" and more.

But on the other hand, fellow viewers agreed with Lee Jong Suk on the criticism of the storyline, and commented, "I started watching this because the teaser looked good, but it's 100% true that the narrative is lacking. It looks like Lee Jong Suk was interested in this drama for the topic and said he wanted to appear in it 'no guarantee', but as he filmed it he must not have been happy with it either", "I don't think the story is that great either; when I saw him post this I thought maybe he was responding to the viewers' complaints a little", etc. 

Have you been keeping up with Lee Jong Suk's short drama series 'Hymn of Death'?
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Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Why do people like to find controversies where there are none? why? Is it wrong to show gratitude?

He has only expressed gratitude throughout his post.

He thanked the PD, thanked him for the good comments he received. Do you want an answer to these absurd comments? Take a look at Jongsuk's Instagram account again and look at the post he just loaded at the end of the drama. Jongsuk again expresses gratitude.

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