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Posted by hannahleex AKP STAFF Monday, December 3, 2018

16 Iconic K-Pop Teaser Videos


Comeback teaser videos always get fans hyped up. While they simply provide a short preview of the music video, they can captivate fans and leave them waiting for the release of the actual song! Here are some of the best comeback teaser videos you must watch.

BTS - Wings

This teaser video is famous among K-Pop videos with nearly 14 million views. In the format of a short film, each member showcases their respective struggles. Each of these members' experiences points to a sweet, meaningful message - love yourself.

EXO - Pathcode

The teasers for EXO's pathcode are simply masterpieces. Each member had an individual teaser that showcased part of a storyline. In contrast to the typical superhero theme, these teasers had a more sophisticated and artistic feel.

WINNER - The Visitor

This teaser video is often deemed the best teaser video in K-Pop history. To put it simply, it is a work of art. The video is full of intricate details and aesthetic shots that send goosebumps while watching!

f(x) - Pink Tape

This f(x) teaser video is iconic in K-Pop history. The f(x) members are able to pull off a magical, hipster, yet slightly lunatic concept. Each member fits the aesthetic extremely well and Krystal's short English narration in the beginning is simply another bonus!

Loona - 1/3 Debut

This debut teaser is arguably one of the cutest K-pop teaser videos. Each member of Loona's subunit is introduced in an adorable manner, from comparisons of the members' handwriting to the way they tie their shoelaces!

SHINee - Dream Girl

This teaser was highly popular as soon as it was released to fans. The unique editing techniques used in the videos, as well as the extremely well-put together mix of the songs, garnered great anticipation among fans.

SNSD -  Mr. Mr.

Even though this teaser video is on the shorter side, it is still powerful and captivating. It features a retro style scene with a short clip of "Mr. Mr." playing in the background. The short previews of the members' new concept certainly left fans wanting more.

Taemin - Press It

Taemin's teaser video is one that you cannot skip out on. It begins with Taemin under a spotlight, showcasing his superb dancing skills. His aura radiates throughout the video, from the clips of his dancing silhouette to him passionately playing piano and singing.

SF9 - Now or Never

SF9 created great anticipation for their comeback with this teaser video. The visuals for each member as well as the editing of the teaser video were absolutely on-point. Their comebacks seem to be getting better and better!

GOT7 - Departure

GOT7's teaser video is full of adorable and very real clips of the members. The teaser begins with vlog-type clips directed by the members themselves. Fans are able to join GO7 on a fun road trip that features all of the members' quirky and personal aspects!

Monsta X - Dramarama

The teaser video for "Dramarama" is packed with action. It features lots of suspenseful and dramatic clips, including a car crash at the end of the video. The teaser was so good that it left fans wanting more!

Twice - Ooh Aah

JYP released individual teaser videos for each member before the much-anticipated release of "Ooh Aah." Each member shows off their stunning visuals in the videos, but there's a twist. In contrast to the lovely clips of the members, there is a scary element in each teaser video.

Red Velvet - Dumb Dumb

Red Velvet's teaser videos for "Dumb Dumb" are absolutely adorable, not to mention super creative! Each member looks just like a doll coming straight out of the factory. While this teaser is shorter, it still created great anticipation for the release of the song.

Seventeen - Alone

Pledis really stepped up their teaser game with Seventeen's teaser videos. The clips and on-point editing create an ethereal and almost mystical aura that is truly engaging for fans. On top of that, each individual member has a teaser in which fans can appreciate the stunning visuals!

Jennie - Solo

This ASMR-like video certainly heightened expectations for Jennie's solo debut. Each clip showcases her goddess-like beauty. Even while this teaser video only featured Jennie repeating her name, it was enough to captivate fans.

Wonder Girls - Reboot

This set of teaser videos for each individual member is a masterpiece. Each Wonder Girls member presents shocking instrument skills in a background of ambient lighting. The entire video gives off sexy vibes that catch fans' attention.

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eager_beaver1,038 pts Tuesday, December 4, 2018 0
Tuesday, December 4, 2018

I like Wonder Girls' teasers the most. They show off their artistry.



jia94880 pt Monday, December 3, 2018 0
Monday, December 3, 2018

Shadow Art Film by f(x) birthed modern day aesthetic. It's absolutely iconic.



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