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Microdot apologizes for his parents' fraud controversy + claims he was unaware of the issue

Rapper Microdotspoke up about his parents' fraud controversy.

On November 20, Microdot finally provided an official statement on the issue involving his parents.The rapper stated,

"Hello, this is Microdot.

First of all, I want to apologize to those who were hurt by the issues involving my parents. I have hurt them again by releasing a statement stating that the accusations are false and I'm preparing legal action after seeing the first news report.

I am sorry.

It's late,but I will meet and talk to each and every one of those who claim to have been victimized by my parents.

I was 5-years-old when our family immigrated to New Zealand. I was not explicitly aware of the ongoing issues. Therefore, I announced that it is false and I'm preparing legal action. However, after I released my statement, I saw other news reports. I fell in deep thought and was in great pain. I realized that as their son, I have to be responsible for part of it. First, I will meet each and every one and listen to their stories.Once again, I deliver my apologies to those who were hurt. I will work my best to resolve the issue.

Thank you."


Microdots' parents are accused of borrowing hundreds of thousands of dollars from family, friends, neighbors, and colleagues and not returning the funds. Many netizens came forward with their claims. Ultimately, the police decided to reinvestigate the case.
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Faith_1 (Banned)0 pt Tuesday, November 20, 2018 0
Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Feel sorry for him. Sucks when your parents turn out to be assholes.



shakesmilk938 pts Wednesday, November 21, 2018 0
Wednesday, November 21, 2018

That is a huge burden his parents left him... if the allegations are true. He has to deal with all this shit, even though he has nothing to do with it, and to even apologize for something he never knew about, is plain ridiculous and heart breaking. This guy is so positive and works hard, can't believe there's a massive road block in his life at the moment. I hope he gets through it, and I hope his parents do the right thing after all of this - if they are proven to be guilty.



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