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Posted by beansss AKP STAFF 26 days ago

EXO's Chanyeol signs government petition for victims of the Seongnam tunnel car accident, adds 'evildoers deserve to be punished'

EXO, Chanyeol

On November 16, EXO's Chanyeol was seen sharing a government petition for the recent 'Seongnam tunnel car accident' case on his Instagram story. 

The government petition, currently ongoing with over 163,000 signatures, was posted by the daughter of the 'Seongnam' accident victim earlier this month. The accident in question occurred back on September 21 of this year at an incurving tunnel in Seongnam, headed to Seoul, when a Kia Forte hit a Kia Soul. The Forte was pushed to a hill on the side of the road with its front and left side crushed in, while the Soul was pushed to the opposite side of the rode, falling into a drain 3 meters deep. Fire officials confirmed that the accident was caused by the Forte hitting the Soul, and the investigation is ongoing. 

In the government petition, the daughter of the victim who happened to be driving the Kia Soul at the time delivered the unfortunate news that, "my father left this world unfairly on November 6 at 4 AM without even opening his eyes once for the past 46 days."

The petition continued, "The driver of the car who was behind my father's car, Mr. Choi (61), hit my father's car so that my father Mr. Bae (50) and my older brother (22) fell into a drain. They were both transported to the hospital immediately, but my older brother suffered horrible tears all over his skin, as well as a spinal fracture; my father's lungs and brain were so damaged it was impossible to operate. The assailant, who suddenly sped at a speed of 100km/hr inside a tunnel, is fine after the accident; but my older brother is severely injured and my father ultimately passed away after a month. My older brother, who was supposed to debut in an idol group he prepared years for, was unable to stand on the stage with only 1-2 weeks left until his debut." 

The petition stressed that "The blackbox inspection 100% proves that it was the assailant's fault, but to this day, he claims innocence and has yet to apologize to our family. Even in this situation, we are being told to 'come to a settlement' without any form of punishment or imprisonment, and I'm about to go crazy."

After signing the government petition supporting fair trial and punishment for those involved in the above case, Chanyeol added, "I respectfully pray that he will rest in peace. I believe that evildoers deserve to be punished at all costs." 

Our deep condolences go out to the victim and his family. 

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zzzzzero 26 days ago 0
26 days ago

what the hell!?

more than a month passed, with prove and people do nothing....

something, somewhere went terribly wrong..that or some pocket is filled with certain something that makes people magically forget shit



SusanLiu 26 days ago 0
26 days ago

OMG, this is so saddening.... May her father rest in peace, I hope for a quick recovery for her older brother. The driver should get his license revoked and should pay for the treatment and hospital bills.



thealigirl8 26 days ago 1
26 days ago

so why isn't this person being punished? are they related to someone in power?



Anpanman 25 days ago 0
25 days ago

Either that or he paid someone. I bet if it wasn't for the petition and the daughter fighting for justice, the criminal would've completely gotten away with it.



ddujjjun 20 days ago 0
20 days ago

wait wtf there's all this evidence and he says he's innocent..? does he have no heart... hope u rot in jail



Znewie71 26 days ago 0
26 days ago

Thats sad may her father rest in peace, and hope her brother gets well, if its proven that he did it why hasnt he been charged. I just dont understand. Also wonder what idol group he was going to debut in, did chanyeol know him?


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