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Site functionality/bug open chat


Hi all,

It's been about one week since the revamp went live and throughout the past week we have been addressing bugs. The major bugs have been addressed at this point; we are still working through some at the moment, but we are preparing for the next phase of site functionality tweaks and development.

Next items on our plate (not in any particular order):

- Artist tags

- Meme section, also planning on building Quiz, Reviews and Poll building tools. Possibly tournaments?

- User points system

- Staff article only/user article only view toggle

- Sort functionality

- Night Mode

- Add posts to a favorites list

With the items mentioned above, if you can provide any input/feedback that would be great, but one of the more glaring items that we are discussing internally is the Sort functionality. We want your input on how you would like this to function.

At the moment the "BEST" sorting method is the default, however we are contemplating on whether we should allow users to determine what the default sort view should be on an account level. We understand many users want to be able to choose their default sort view, but that would undermine the entire point of trying to evolve the site into a curated content platform.

We have two options/ideas that we are floating around and want to see what you guys feel is the better option.

1. Allow users to choose the sort method, but only have it last for one session. As in, the sort will remain what you selected until you leave the site and then revisit. Upon revisit, the default sort method would revert back to BEST.

2. Allow users to choose the sort method and have it remain permanently in that view, until the user changes it again.

I have a strong feeling that #2 is going to be more popular with most of you at first glance, but please take into account that if this happens, there will be less chance for the community to see the top stories, in effect leading to less comments/discussions happening. It would also make the upvoting/downvoting feature less important.

Please provide your feedback below and also add in any other site features you would like to see, as well as bugs that you have discovered.


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    seoksin84 pts Wednesday, October 24, 2018 10
    Wednesday, October 24, 2018

    I come here to look at news, I don't care about what the best post and most commented on post is. I want to see what's new and that should be an option for a sort. I'm not sure what the thinking was to go to a reddit style forum with less emphasis on actual news and more on users, but I think it was a poor decision.


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    brilliantradienc0 pt Wednesday, October 24, 2018 1
    Wednesday, October 24, 2018

    The default should be SORT: NEW, best is subjective and if articles get voted down you should pay attention and surmise as to why. It was good the way it was and if it ain't broke don't fix it, it's just messed up now. I set it to sort-> new and bookmarked that so for me it's always default.

    The user points sound like it has potential but the way it's to be implemented needs explanation, this site had a problem with toxic and mean spirited trolls (they're flops, ugly, I hope they disband etc.) but there were also funny ones as well and I enjoyed reading those comments, they shouldn't be treated the same because it might be edgy, the ones of a sexual nature i.e "I want to do this to so and so" are distasteful.

    Also, there should be enforceable guidelines as to what users can post and there are good articles that should be rewarded somehow, MeAnotherself writes particularly good content. I'll finish commenting later but in the long run this site will improve, I must admit not returning as frequently though...


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    Bolbbalgan4, BTOB, V, Crush, DEAN, Chen, Taeyeon, Heize, IU, offonoff, Baek Ye Rin
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