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Posted by yckim124 AKP STAFF 20 days ago

Kim So Hyun says she binge-watched age restricted films after officially becoming an adult

Kim So Hyun
Kim So Hyun talked about being 20-years-old. 

On October 30, Kim So Hyun guested on MBC FM4U's 'Kim Shin Young's Hope Song at Noon.' During the radio show, the actress shared, "My alcoholic drinking started with wine. I enjoy beer nowadays. I keep thinking about it on hot days. I drink it whenever I can."

Kim So Hyun also shared that she recently obtained her driver's license, however, "I haven't bought a car yet. I need to buy a car first."

She added, "Before I officially became an adult, I was curious and wanted to watch 19+ adult films, but once I actually became an adult, I didn't search and watch them." However, "I did binge watch the good films I couldn't watch because of the age restriction."

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xhecthor 20 days ago 1
20 days ago

F*cking alcohol Korean culture, everybody is so proud to talk about how they are becoming alcoholics. Even a young beautiful girl like her.



EducationSystem 19 days ago 0
19 days ago

and theyll never forgive anyone with a marijuana controversy lol I really dont get it.



Wang_Sejung 20 days ago 6
20 days ago

Alcohol drinking is not a quality , dongsaeng so hyunshi. It's not because you are drinking alcohol that you are an adult. Look the alcoholic gigolo Baekhyun, the gold digger who started to get drunk at age of 14 and only Park Bom knows what he is using these days. And please don't try to watch porn movies, you are still young for this and for a young virgin girl like you, these kind of pervert movies will give certainly bad ideas about relation a man with woman.



xhecthor 20 days ago 5
20 days ago

So that's why you are like that. You watched too many Porn movies when you were younger and virgin and messed up your brain.

But I agree with you about the alcohol drinking.



Wang_Sejung 19 days ago 4
19 days ago

I am 28 years old, so I can watch porn. If having 186 IQ and having studied in prestigious Seoul National University means you messed up your brain, YES !!! I MESSED UP MY BRAIN AND I'M PROUD OF MYSELF !!!


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