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Hey guys! I am a BLINK and I had the chance to see BP live at Tokyo girls kitakyushu on Oct. 10th. I wasn't planning on making this post bc it didn't seem that groundbreaking or anything but I havent seen any posts about their real life visuals and i am in bed with a cold so here it is. I also saw them up close for like half a minute so.

JISOO: Her visuals blew me away. I knew she was pretty but I didn't know she was this gorgeous. She looks 200% times better in real life. I think she is not photogenic because I haven't found a single photo that matches how beautiful she looks in real life. I always thought she was the least pretty in BP but now I think that she just doesn't know how to work the camera. I almost died from her visual. And apparently she got the fourth most votes on a poll about which idol looks better in real life(the poll was voted by idols btw). Her aura is like the gorgeous, elegant yet goofy and happy girl next door.

JENNIE: She's my bias in BP♡. She is so cute with mochi cheeks and her presence is no joke. She is like a combination of cute and sexy omg. And for some reason I really loved her hair lol it was sooo pretty. She exudes confidence which I love about her. If she smiles your soul is gone lol. Her aura is like a sexy yet cute classmate you have a crush on.

LISA: Super unique visual. She is a barbie i swear her waist is like an ant's. Her long legs are to die for. She also has killer swagger it just oozes out of her. I also think she is a bit shy or something idk i just got that kind of vibe but anyway she is so gorgeous. Her aura is like the very charismatic mysterious girl from the other class.

ROSÉ: She is so pretty and elegant. Her legs are suuupeeer long and she is so slim. I really like her face shape for some reason haha i think she has a really nice chin. Her nose is perfect. Like literally I want her nose it is the perfect nose. She looked super classy and demure. I think she is a bit shy as well. Her waist is super small too. Her aura is like your sweet and demure childhood friend who comes from a wealthy family lol.

Anyway I hope u guys liked this post haha. My bias is still Jennie though all the other girls are killer gorgeous.

  1. Jennie
  2. Jisoo
  3. Rose
  4. Lisa
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Sunday, October 28, 2018

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Sunday, October 28, 2018

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