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Posted by SquidMaster10 pts Thursday, August 2, 2018

Top #InMyFeelingsChallenge by K-Pop Idols!

1. j-hope (BTS)
One of the earliest to do the challenge, j-hope really nails it with his groovy take on the song and his smooth footwork. Wonder who the driver is?
2. Kino (Pentagon)
Kino rocks the classic body wave along with some isolation moves towards the end!
3. A-day (Seven O'Clock)
Though A-day got caught by surprise by the driver, he immediately recovered with a powerful 'shoot' start along with some other smooth moves. The look of betrayal on his face at the end though...
4. Samuel Kim
Right from the start, Samuel looks hyped! He gets creative when he decides to dance out of the camera's range and smoothly comes right back into view when the song goes, "And I need ya!"
5. DJ Soda
Not really an 'idol' but DJ Soda shows off her bod and rocks the challenge with some simple slide moves!
6. Johnny, Haechan, Mark (NCT)
The NCT trio really gets creative when they decide to do the challenge on a fenced staircase (and later jump the fence!)
7. Doyoung, Jaehyun, Taeil (NCT)
Another NCT trio, the boys decide to the challenge on a session of V Live! Doyoung looks so confused XD...
8. Yugyeom and BamBam (GOT7)
Though the video quality isn't too great, their great chemistry together help makes this memorable. Watch for their synced shoot!
9. Woosung (The Rose)
Though The Rose is primarily known for their vocals and instrumentals, and not for their dancing, Woosung shows how multi-talented of a group they are! His charisma is undeniable!
10. Minzy
Minzy shows everyone once again why she was the main dancer back when 2NE1 was still together... she absolutely nails the challenge with a couple ferocious hair flicks and powerful gestures! A little sad to only see her and DJ Soda on this list... maybe we'll see more female idol versions in the future!
11. Sik-K
Sik-K teams up with a friend at a roadside and gets funky! Be careful, Sik-K!
12. Ten (NCT)
Yet another version from NCT, but is definitely worth it. Ten prepared an entire skit to show fans and then finishes it off with his sharp moves!

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