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Posted by eric_r_wirsing AKP STAFF Friday, April 6, 2018

[MV & Album Review] WINNER – 'EVERYD4Y'



Track List:

2.  AIR
5.  LA LA
6.  FOR

WINNER has just dropped their much-anticipated second album, 'EVERYD4Y.' This comeback features 12 tracks, a full album, and the title track has already swept the online Korean music charts in a mere three hours after release. So, we know "EVERYDAY" is a huge hit, but what about the rest of it?

"EVERYDAY" is tropical house, with all that implies, with a faux-reggae tune even. They turn up the autotune to 11, too, just to make some interesting vocal effects. There's a lot to like here, something for everyone, from the rapid-fire raps to the laid-back chorus. The next track, "AIR," has some nice synth drips, and the echoey main verses really make this song pop. Their vocals are very clear over the instrumentation, so you easily can tell who's singing. It's a nice soft pop number.  

"HELLO" is a more playful tune. You can just hear the guys smiling as they trill and whoop their way through this one. It's a bit tuneless, and that just makes it more upbeat and fun, and not a beat-in-a-box type of tune. "TURN OFF THE LIGHT" strikes a balance between their ballads and their more beat-laden pop tunes. It's more R&B than house but it works well for all of that. It still has some reggaeton sensibilities, but they're hidden, only peeking out on occasion.

"LA LA" is a straightforward, uptempo club banger. It relies on easy hooks and a fun, pounding beat. I like how the chorus is just pure joy, fun and ebullient. This probably has to be one of my faves on this LP. "FOR" is a ballad done right. It's mostly played on guitar, but it has some of the vocals laid raw, and not processed and pitch perfect. I like that as it makes it more genuine. Instead of screaming at the top of their lungs, they layer more of the boys' vocals on in a sweeping chorus, with piercing, high-pitched falsetto to carry the ending. An interesting decision, and one which makes the song even better. 

"WE WERE" is that epic, high-sounding song that is usually reserved for finishers. And if this were a mini-album, it probably would be the final cut. As it is, it's here in the middle, and it's a glorious, encouraging tune. The song that takes us back to the tropical house is "LUXURY." We had our diversions, and now they've settled back into a more comfortable territory. It has some reggae inspiration, as well. It's a fun tune for all that, though, and is entirely listenable. 

"MOVIE STAR" is more hip-hop than anything, at least on the main verses. The chorus and pre-chorus bring those harmonies that draw the attention of fans. It's a little more conventional, but it has a distinctly eclectic bridge. "SPECIAL NIGHT" brings back go-go shoes and bell-bottoms with the disco-inspired beat and melody. Member Lee Seung Hoon co-composed and co-wrote the lyrics for this one. It's a great, body-moving banger, full of revelry and joy. 

"RAINING" is a breakup tune, and it feels super-introspective. The chorus is uplifting, but the main verses are all rap, and very confessional. It definitely gives it a different feel, especially distinct from the other tunes on the LP. It was originally released in Japanese. "HAVE A GOOD DAY" is very similar, musically, to "RAINING." It too is somewhat confessional with an inspirational chorus, but this one has to do with someone who died, and how the singer feels about it. This song was also previously a Japanese track. I like songs like these last two because they feel very real like they really have experienced what they're singing about.

Interestingly enough (in case it wasn't obvious), much of this album is tropical house. Yes, I only reference it a couple times because it's uninteresting to keep saying it. It seems to be where WINNER was heading, with "Really Really" being the start of that. It appears to be a style they enjoy doing, but I like how the album contains other styles of music as well that hearken back to their earlier output. They've taken something fairly overdone and made it their own, but they don't stick with just one style. And that makes this album a winner.


The LP might be good, but the video is sort of meh. There's not a lot to write about here, either. The boys are in a hotel suite with a dozen or so women. Then, around dozens. They dance on a small patch around a swimming pool. Then on the beach. Okay, maybe there's something to describe, but there's not much substance or style to it.

There are some cute aspects to the MV. And the dancing is a mixed bag. It's obvious which of the girls starring in the videos are dancers. And not just the ones dancing, either. In a couple sequences, the moves are not synchronized or even elegant. The rest of it is fine, but nothing particularly dynamic. It's like they were trying for a flashmob style, but all I could focus on was the awkwardness.

It gets extra points just because my local beaches are clogged with rainclouds, and I like to see the sun. But that's the only reason. The girls are sort of an amusing aside, and nothing more. And I think I was hoping for more.


MV Relevance...........7
MV Production..........7
MV Concept..............8

Album Production.....8
Album Concept.........8


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