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Posted by yckim124177 pts Wednesday, April 25, 2018

[Interview] Heo Young Saeng answers your questions on SS501's comeback, favorite rookie group, and more!

Heo Young Saeng
Heo Young Saeng is here with the answers to your questions!

In light of Heo Young Saeng's long-awaited solo comeback in 5 years, allkpopprepared an exclusive chance for you to ask anything and everything to the SS501member.

Heo Young Saeng took the time to look over your interesting questions and now he's here with the interesting answers!

Listen to Heo Young Saeng's 'Destiny' on Spotify.

Check out what Heo Young Saeng has to say and see if your questions were answered!

I was a little nervous because it's my comeback in 5 years. Everything felt new to me. As for the concept, it was chosen with the thought of 'Let's show a never-before-seen Heo Young Saeng!'

The album only has two songs so it's hard for me to choose. Both songs are different genres so I think they each have a charm of their own.

I think I get inspired by the weather the most. On a sunny day, I write bright songs and on rainy or cloudy days, I tend to write depressing songs.

I like Maroon 5. It's an old song but I like "Sunday Morning".

I want to go perform wherever it may be if there are fans who love my music and me.


I save everyone's number by their full names. It's saved as Kim Hyun Joong, Kim Kyu Jong, Park Jung Min, and Kim Hyung Joon.

Kyu Jong.

Someone who I can easily talk to.

Q: (Do you have plans for marriage?)

Not yet.

Girl group Oh My Girl...Their songs are great and the members are cute and refreshing.

I have acrophobia. I am most afraid of heights.

I love Marvel movies, especially 'Iron Man'.

My new song "Destiny" and "Fly Away", Justin Bieber's "Love Yourself", Heize's "You, Clouds, Rain", and Ailee's "I Will Go To You Like the First Snow".

Recently, we appeared on Dingo's 'SS501 in 100 Seconds'. Kyu Jong, Jung Min, and I created a group chat for that and we continue chat there.

I didn't plan to (lose weight) but I couldn't eat anything for 16 hours during musicalpractices. So then I guess I unintentionally went on a diet. Also, my character in the musical required a lot of movement. I think it naturally became a workout.

Currently, I use Jo Malone.

We have talked about it but nothingconfirmed yet. And also, Hyung Joon's still in the military.

Europe is the place I want to travel the most. I would be extremely happy if given the chance to perform there. And I really want to watch Real Madrid soccer game at Santiago BernabeuStadium someday!

I hope mymusic reaches all over the world and goes global.

Message to fans:

I am so sorry for making you guys wait for a long time. And I appreciate how you guys waited for me. I will try hard to become artist Heo Young Saeng who presents goodmusic. Please give me lots of support! No matter where in the world, I'll be there if there's someone listening to my music. Fighting!!!

Thank you to Lily at Sony Music Korea for setting up the interview.

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