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Former Jellyfish Entertainment trainee Yoon Hee Suk signs with ONO Entertainment; signals his return to music

By beansss   Tuesday, February 13, 2018   5,570   1,377   19



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Former Jellyfish Entertainment trainee and 'Produce 101' season 2 contestant Yoon Hee Suk has announced his return to the music industry. 

On February 13, the trainee uploaded a handwritten letter, sharing his decision to return with his fans and acquaintances. He wrote: 

"Hello. This is Yoon Hee Suk.
I was able to receive many people's attention for the first time through 'Produce 101', and it was so much love that I could not even express the size of it simply by describing it as feeling overwhelmed. 
Honestly, I was worried about whether I would be able to come greet you like this again, but I want to greet you now because I was given the opportunity to. 
I am very happy to be able to meet the fans who have waited for me, and also for the opportunity to not let go of the string of hope!
I thank the fans first and foremost for not giving up on me and for waiting, because I am an individual who knows well how hard it is to wait without any promises. 
I will do my best to repay you for making me want to become a better person! Thank you." 

Alongside his letter, it's been reported that Yoon Hee Suk has officially signed a contract with ONO Entertainment. The relationship came from Yoon Hee Suk's close friendship with fellow 'Produce 101' trainees Jang Moon Bok and Sung Hyun Woo, also under ONO Ent. Jang Moon Bok and Sung Hyun Woo also shared a photo set with Yoon Hee Suk on their SNS platforms, and Jang Moon Bok said, "Everyone, weren't you surprised? #CallMeBabyTeam1." 

Best of luck to Yoon Hee Suk on his new beginning with ONO Entertainment. 

여러분 깜짝 놀랐죠? #콜베1팀

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