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Posted by LorraineYe AKP STAFF Wednesday, January 24, 2018

10 Random & Obscure K-Pop Facts You Didn't Know!

1. Almost Names
A little-known fact is that before Big Bang secured the names of the members, they considered calling the group's maknae by an entirely different name. That's right! Instead of being our lovely panda, Seungri, he was almost called, "Sonic." We're glad YG stuck with Seungri, but could you imagine the memes that could have come from Sonic? Bonus: TOP was almost "Mark," Taeyang was almost "Taekwon," and Daesung was almost "Big Castle."
2. Secret Tattoos
MONSTA X's Wonho has a few tattoos, but his most well-concealed is between his flower tattoo under his right buttcheek or his Jean-Paul Sartre thigh tattoo. That's right! Wonho seems to be quite the intellectual with his french philosopher-inspired piece. The tattoo says, "Life is a C between B and D" and serves as a reference to Sartre's philosophical musings that "Life is a choice between birth and death."
3. Dimple Water Capacity
MooMoos and K-Pop fans alike can agree that Wheein of MAMAMOO's dimples are one of the cutest things about her! But, have you ever wondered just how deep those dimples of her are? Fear not! Hwasa and Wheein tested the water capacity of her dimples when they were in school together and the answer is that her dimples can hold 2 drops of water. She can almost hold 3 drops, but they'll spill over!
4. Pet Names
Most ARMY are very keenly aware that RM of BTS named his dog after himself. A lot of fans find this to be extremely strange, but few know the real reason behind it! In fact, when Namjoon became a trainee, he feared that his parents would miss him when he was gone practicing and working. In an effort to make his parents less lonely, he named the dog, "Rapmon" so they would feel like he's at home even when he's gone!
5. Swine Flu Epidemic
Swine flu seems like a distant memory, but in 2010, there were rampant cases all over the world and the K-Pop scene was no exception to the infiltration of the virus. Stars that contracted the illness at one point include Lee Jongsuk, K-Will, Lee Joon, Wheesung, Jo Kwon, Onew, Amber, Krystal, Sulli, and many others all got sick with H1N1! Yuri of Girls' Generation also got the illness, but continued to promote through the Oh! era.
6. Gwiyomi's Source
BTOB's Ilhoon is to thank for the source of the gwiyomi dance! Though the dance is extremely popular, it seemed to have popped up out of the blue! Though serious investigation, we've concluded that the first occurrence happened with Ilhoon on 'Weekly Idol'. Ilhoon learned the dance from a Cube trainee and popularized it as a staple to variety show culture!
7. Sushi Pals
Friends often save each other into their phone contacts under cute aliases and nicknames and the girls of Red Velvet are no exception! Yeri saved groupmate, Seulgi's contact under the cute and simple nickname, "Sushi!" Yeri and Seulgi love to go on sushi dates together, so the nickname is totally fitting! Bonus: Irene saved everyone in the group as "Poo Puppy."
8. Real Names
It's commonly disregarded that former Girls' Generation member's name is not actually Tiffany! In fact, despite having an English name ready for debut, Stephanie had to change her name to Tiffany because SM Entertainment already had a Stephanie (CSJH The Grace). It seems like picking the right name is a tricky aspect of starting your K-Pop career!
9. Limb Insurance
Yura of Girl's Day revealed that she has insurance valued at $500,000. DreamT Entertainment even stated, "Yura's legs are really long and don't have a single wound. Because she's a dancer, she signed up for insurance in case of an emergency." What a price to pay to ensure absolute certainty to her most important body parts!
10. Vietnam Loves...
Vietnam loves PSY! With a population of only 89 million people, the citizens of Vietnam have given PSY a total of 393 million views and counting on YouTube. Though the United States has more total views, if you account for population per capita, Vietnam averages roughly 4-and-a-half views per person. A significant increase from the United State's 1 view per person ratio. PSY's "Gangnam Style" is the number 1 most viewed video in Vietnam!

Show off your K-Pop knowledge with the AKP community in the comments below!

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