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Posted by yckim124 AKP STAFF Monday, December 18, 2017

'Hello Baby's Yoogeun in deep shock, cried himself to sleep after hearing about Jonghyun's death

Jonghyun, Jonghyun
The mother of Jung Yoogeun shared how the 'SHINee's Hello Baby' star reacted to the death of Jonghyun.

On December 19, Yoogeun's mother shared a post on Yoogeun's official Instagram. She stated, 

"I didn't believe my eyes. The breaking news headline. I was so shocked that I read it out loud. Yoogeun, who was more shocked than I was, asked me multiple times. That moment, everything went blank. How am I supposed to explain this to my child? He kept asking repeatedly. Daddy Jonghyun? Why? He's alive, right? Is it true? It's not, is it? 

Daddy Jonghyun went to where your great-grandmother is... Hearing this, Yoogeun cried his eyes out. He then tried to hold back the tears and asked me again. But it could be wrong, right? How did he go where our great-grandmother is? As if he was denying the truth, as if it's too hard to believe. He kept asking.

He kept searching up Daddy Jonghyun's photos on his phone. Then he saw the articles. The child who didn't want to accept the truth kept crying and crying. He's frustrated that he won't be able to see him even if he says he misses him. Mad, sad, and blanked out as if out of his mind. The shock is just too big. He wasn't able to fall asleep. Seeing him trying so hard to hold back the tears, I told Yoogeun to not hold back. Hearing this, Yoogeun sobbed as he called Daddy Jonghyun's name. He then cried himself to sleep. 

#DaddyJonghyun #RestInPeace"

내눈을의심케했던. 뉴스속보 자막에. 놀란 난 큰소리로읽었다. 나보다 더놀란 유근이는 몇번이고 나에게 물어본다. 순간. 하애졌다. 이걸. 이아이에게 어찌 설명해줘야하는걸까? 자꾸 되묻는다. 종현아빠가? 왜? 살아있는거지? 진짜래? 아닌거지? 아니. 종현아빠 왕할머니 있는곳에 갔데. . . 그말에 유근이는 펑펑 울었다. 그리곤 울음을 삼키듯 참았다. 다시한번확인한다. 아닐수도있자나? 왕할머니있는곳에어떻게가? 현실을부정하듯. 이해할수없다는듯. 자꾸 물어본다. 자기핸드폰으로 종현아빠 사진을 찾아본다. 그러다 접한 기사들. 인정하는게 싫었던아이는 애써 외면하다가. 또. 울고. 또울고. 보고싶다는 소리도 하고싶지만 못본다는걸아는 아이는 답답해한다. 화가나고. 슬프고. 넋나간듯 멍해있고. 충격이너무나도크다. 쉽게잠들지못하고. 이불속에서 울음을 끅끅거리며 참는모습에 유근아. .참지마. 이한마디에 유근이는 꺽꺽 거리며 종현아빠이름만부르다 울다잠들었다. #종현아빠 #삼가고인의명복을빕니다 . . . . . . . . . . #믿고싶지않아요

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Yoogeun, currently 11-years-old, was on the show 'SHINee's Hello Baby' with the idol group back in 2010 at age 4. Over the years, Yoogeun was often seen expressing unchanging love towards the SHINee members; frequently tuning into their Instagram live and more. 

Once on Jonghyun's Instagram live broadcast, Yoogeun has commented, "Daddy Jonghyun, you are the best!"

If you or someone you know is at risk of self-harm or suicide, seek help as soon as possible by contacting agencies specializing in crisis intervention and suicide prevention in the United States and abroad.
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