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Posted by jennywill AKP STAFF Sunday, November 5, 2017

'The Unit' viewers are furious at the show completely editing out actual idols that need rebooting

Boyfriend, Topp Dogg
Viewers are not happy with 'The Unit'.

The negative reactions continue from last week, when viewers were furious when trainees who had never debuted as well as idols who had debuted less than a year ago came out and were accepted. Netizens held onto hope for actual idols who hadn't appeared in the first day, but when the second day aired, viewers were just as disappointed and angry.

Only Donghyun and Rokhyun passed from Boyfriend and 100% respectively, and the judges told Boyfriend that they looked tired. There was no explanation that Boyfriend had actually been on standby for over 12 hours and had to perform at 1AM, and in the end their image to the public were 'unmotivated idols'. Lead vocalist Jeongmin's singing was completely edited out, as were the mentors praising their talents and the audience crying for them. Boyfriend and 100% were also grouped together and edited haphazardously while on the first day, trainees who had never debuted got full segments to themselves.

SONAMOO's Euijin, who was in the center of the revealed stages, also got her shining moment cut out. The wrong song came out during her stage and she freestyled, but that was completely edited out. 

However, even they're on the better scale as idols such as Topp Dogg, A-JAX, B.I.G, MYNAME, Apple.B, N.CAHansol (from S.M. Rookies), and I that were all accepted but completely edited out from the first two episodes. 

Viewers left comments such as, "They call themselves the idol rebooting program but reject all the idols that need rebooting and accept trainees and rookies.... Wow", "The kids that haven't debuted or debuted this year and are on this program have no conscience.... In the broadcast the kids that didn't debut, debuted this year, or ones that already had #1 on music shows have more airtime.... You guys have a lot of chances, but my group doesn't even have half a year left until they have to renew their contract..", and more similar comments.

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