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San E gets criticized for inappropriate behavior towards Red Velvet's Irene

Rapper San E is currently under fire for inappropriate behavior towards Red Velvet's Irene.

At the recent event 'Ansan Friendship Super Show' to celebrate the relations between Vietnam and South Korea, San E, Red Velvet's Irene, and GOT7's Jackson were the MCs. During the show, however, netizens and fans alike noticed some rude behavior by San E towards Irene. 

One highlighted instance occurred when Irene was greeting her fans by waving to them and in that moment, San E lifted his arm on Irene's shoulder and teased her fans. As this took place, Irene, who was obviously startled by the unexpected action, became taken back and stiffened.

The second time the fans became angered was during San E's performance of "Sour Grapes". While performing, he was seen pointing at Irene while rapping specific lines in the song. The lyrics go as the following: 

"I'll applaud you, I admit it, you're my type. Your smile is freaking pretty. I almost screenshotted you. For all the stupid guys just scan them once and they'll run around trying to get a loan for you. All the male beast followers are both good and bad. Your Instagram, look at her picture. It gives them an automatic pants tent just like SARS in a first world country. There's no cover-up, no more pretense, no no. Ay bay bay you look so much better in real life. People next to you look like homo sapiens, 100 out of 100. U so fly, like a crazy kite in the sky. I'll keep throwing it at you, hurray."

One online community user wrote, "You want to know this an act of showing off? As soon as he put his arm on her, she immediately became shocked and her whole body stiffened including her face. But instead of considering Irene's reaction, he only looked the audience's reactions. Do you think this is how a person would behave if they respected the person beside them? If he showed even the slightest consideration towards Irene, would he have put his arms on her without her consent? He didn't even think about how she would feel."

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Upon seeing this, many netizens and fans chimed in. Some of the comments read, "Are all rappers like this?", "As a fan of Red Velvet, this really makes me mad. Touching her without her consent but also pointing at her while singing that kind of lyrics, I have no words", "Is he crazy? He's so rude", "Let's just say he was just fooling around at first to give him the benefit of the doubt lol but pointing at her while performing that music really is considered sexual harassment. Think before you act please", and much more.

What do you think of the situation?

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