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Posted by Lorr-Ye Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Dark MV Concepts You Have to See!

Cutesy or Dark?

Most K-Pop music videos are memorable because of their colorful and playful concepts, however, MVs that truly make an impression on us employ darker, edgier concepts that draw us into watching! So time to leave the cutesy fashion of the Summer for the ominous and moody look of Autumn; here are 10 dark concept K-Pop MVs you need to watch:

1) Witch by BOYFRIEND

The vampire concept! BOYFRIEND's MV has a cool castle dungeon vibe mixed with a fairy talefeel.

2) Chase Me by Dreamcatcher

Hallway ghosts in a haunted hotel, mysterious bloody noses, candlelit seances are just a few of the things in Dreamcatcher's Chase Me MV!

3) Voodoo Doll by VIXX

A true story arc involving the Voodoo Doll paired with the powerful dance moves of VIXX.BEWARE! Do not click if you are squeamish or triggered by gore as there is a bit in the video!

4) Beat by 100%

A more post-apocalyptic future world feel than the other videos. There's pretty cool futuristic looking machinery to accompany their powerful performance (especially the end!).


This MV had it all! Money, knives, guns, and a plotline that could potentially serve as a drama, B.A.P's SKYDIVE MV is a must-watch when it comes to dark concepts!

6) Full Moon by Sunmi

Another vampire concept, but a bit more on the sensual and seductive side! Sunmi wows with gorgeous choreography alongside gorgeous visuals for the dark vampire concept!

7) Rose by Lee Hi

Every rose has its thorn and the MV for Rose is seemingly innocent until the gunmen and wolves show up at the end!

8) DOOM DADA by T.O.P.

Filled with strange experimental imagery, the video is on the edgy and darker side of K-Pop MV concepts!

9) Jackpot by Block B

Clowns and everyone's worst nightmare: a creepy circus! But, Block B still manages to stay at the forefront of the video.

10) Paradise Lost by GAIN

The sexy GAIN stuns in her Paradise Lost MV with sultry and dramatic dark imagery to pair with her soulful sound. This track has an incredible contrast to run-of-the-mill uptempo beats.

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