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Brother of late artist Kim Kwang Suk says everything the wife claimed is filled with lies

On September 27, Kim Kwang Bok, the older brother of the late artist Kim Kwang Suk, attended the investigation at Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency as the plaintiff. 

Recently, Kim Kwang Suk's mysterious death came back to attention following the release of a new film documentary about his life. With the rising attention, it was also recently revealed that his daughter, Seo Yeon, has died 10 years ago. 

In the middle of the mysterious deaths stands the biggest suspect, Seo Hae Soon, the wife of the late artist and the mother of Seo Yeon. 

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Seo Hae Soon has been sued by Kim Kwang Bok for fraud, homicide, and lack of child support. 

To the press at the investigation on September 27, Kim Kwang Bok stated, "There are so many lies in the things she said. I want to reveal the truth."

When asked which one of her lies he wanted to refute the most, Kim Kwang Bok stated, "I can't think properly right now because it's so hectic but every part of it is filled with suspicion."

As for the death of Seo Yeon, Kim Kwang Bok commented, "She's the only blood left behind Kwang Suk and it hurt so much to know that she's gone. She was in the United States all by herself for 3 years after Kwang Suk died. She must've been very lonely... I feel so bad for her."

Meanwhile, director Lee Sang Ho of the documentary 'Kim Kwang Suk' is scheduled to attend the investigation on September 28. 

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