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Yoochun's fiancee allegedly rethinking marriage

According to rumors, JYJ Yoochun's fiancee Hwang Ha Na is rethinking their upcoming marriage. An alleged insider told media outlets Hwang Ha Na has been considering calling the wedding off due to external pressure and malicious comments online.

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On July 20, insider A revealed both Yoochun and Hwang Ha Na's families are against them breaking up, stating, "It's a situation in which the two are being supported and advised to get through this." The anonymous source who claimed to be an acquaintance of Hwang Ha Na further revealed in a cafe interview, "I think the two have become estranged. Hwang likes Yoochun, but issues started occurring when they went to restaurants or walked on the street together. People whisper and take pictures of them, so that's hard for her."

A added, "It's really hard for Hwang when she hears negative remarks about her family. She usually has a cheerful personality, but these days she's saying things like, 'I don't think people like my bright personality,' and 'I'm afraid of people.' She doesn't know what to do."

Hwang allegedly told A and other acquaintances, "I can't take it anymore. I want to receive blessings for my marriage, but I feel like everyone is criticizing me." A said, "Hwang said, 'These days, there are so many false rumors about me. It's hard to stand those rumors. I tried not to worry about them, but I think it's gotten past a point.'"

A concluded, "It's true Hwang and Yoochun really love and care for each other, but because things have become such a big issue, she says, 'I want to give it all up,' a lot these days. She even told Yoochun they should break up. I want the two to do well. It's a tough situation, but I hope they overcome these hardships."

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