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Posted by AllK_Maknae9 pts Monday, July 3, 2017

The worst moments when idols fainted on stage

1. G-Friend
Poor SinB! She appeared to be in pain while the other members were conversing during a show performance until she suddenly collapsed and the members struggled to pick her up again.
2. f(x)
Krystal shocked us all when she suddenly fell to the ground like a brick! The Lotte World Family Concert seemed to be the scariest thing yet!
3. Girl's Day
The poor maknae, Hyeri, was another who fell victim to fainting while on stage. Fortunately, it was after the performance!
4. Dal Shabet
The model-like idol Subin couldn't bare to go on any longer as she faints mid-dance during a live performance behind her members.
Probably the most mortifying one yet, no one was expecting Seungho to land on his neck during this acrobatic stunt. It appears the blood rushing to his head or nerves caused him to faint.
6. SHINee
Onew was another idol to face an extremely dangerous situation. When a stage's light fixture came crashing down towards the idol he immediately fainted at the scene. Luckily, he was not hurt and carried away to safety.
During a live performance in Mexico, VIXX member Ravi was seen fainting on stage. Perhaps the heat and dehydration had gotten to him? Luckily, his members caught him just in time.
8. EXO
Sadly the boys of EXO have fainted on more than one occasion. Fans even compiled a video of the various members fainting and it is truly sad to even watch.
9. BTS
Jimin of BTS was also seen collapsing after he was walking off stage after a performance at 'Inkigayo.' Although he was immediately assisted and taken care of, we all wonder what caused him to faint and how agencies are treating their idols.
10. KARA
The lovely ladies of KARA were performing their song "Damaged Lady" in Japan when beauty Hara fainted after the performance and the lights dimmed out.

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