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Posted by jennywill Monday, June 26, 2017

'Produce 101's Kim Yong Guk says trainees not in Wanna One are depressed during concert practice

Wanna One
'Produce 101' trainee Kim Yong Guk's words have rekindled concerns about the 'Produce 101' concert.

The 'concert team' had been heavily protested by fans who had been worried that the 24 boys who didn't make it into the top 11 would merely end up being back up dancers for the 11. While Mnet had stated that would not be the case, Chun Entertainment's Kim Yong Guk (Jin Long Guo)'s words during a live interview is causing concerns again.

During a Facebook live with fellow Chun Entertainment trainee Kim Si Hyun, Kim Yong Guk was asked about how practice for the concert was going. He replied, "Out of the 35, except the 11 who made it, the other trainees seemed to be really dejected that they had not made it into the 11." He quickly added, "But we are thankful that we can have a concert even though we didn't debut."

The comment has refueled the same concerns, especially because YMC Entertainment had revealed that Wanna One would have group stages, unit stages, and solo stages during the concert, which would leave no time for the other trainees. Many are pointing out that even though Mnet had denied rumors, it's turning out to be exactly what fans were concerned about - that the 24 trainees were just being used to spotlight the top 11.

You can check out the interview below with his comment at 19:00.

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