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Actress Kim Sa Rang shares her thoughts on appearing on a variety show for the first time!

On June 23, actress Kim Sa Rang made her first ever variety program appearance in 18 years through 'I Live Alone'!

She told the panelists, "I am so nervous right now. I think it's more nerve-wracking than attending a drama press conference."

When asked why she hasn't appeared in a lot of programs for such a long time, the actress answered, "I'm not the mysterious type at all, it's just that I didn't work on very many projects so that may be the reason why people assumed such things."

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Kim Sa Rang then went on to explain, "I think only funny and talented people should be on variety programs, I'm not the fun type so..."

She then talked about the decision for her appearance on 'I Live Alone,' saying, "I am used to this program, I watch it every week  I met with the writer and producer and we had a nice chat. I liked how they approached me in a passionate way."

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