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HyunA speaks her mind on exposure and revealing clothing

By elliefilet   Wednesday, April 26, 2017   68,247   2,366   39



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HyunA shared her honest thoughts on exposure and revealing clothing.

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On reality show 'Triple H's Fun Agency', HyunA was asked about her past concepts and outfits that showed a lot of skin. She said, "Exposure is something that I have to constantly catch up with, and it's also something I need to keep in mind. I don't like skin exposure that isn't justified. In dramas and movies, exposure is justified, but it doesn't translate that way on stage."

As for the idea that clothes look sexier when she wears them, HyunA commented, "I'm proud that I've become someone who has a strong identity. I plan to take these things into account when it comes to my performances."

In other news, HyunA, E'Dawn, and Hui will be debuting as Triple H with their first mini album '199X'.

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ThreeDelivery Thursday, April 27, 2017

When they said Triple H I was like what does WWE got to do with this lol.

ShayMin Thursday, April 27, 2017

Let me simplify it for the simpletons: How she ACTS and DRE-SSES on stage and in MU-SIC VI-DE-OS is not how she is in Re-AL life. When an individual signs a con-tract with a com-pa-ny, they become a pro-duct. The company owns them and CREATES an image for that individual/group, according to what they think will be mar-ke-ta-ble. Do you think Red Velvet enjoyed wearing that frilly shit from the "Rookie" MV? The same goes for actors who are PLAY-ing a ROLE in a movie or series. "Sexy" is what Cube wants "Hyuna" to be. "Hyuna" and "Kim Hyun Ah" are two completely different personalities. It is a JOB. Have you ever seen Beyonce casually walking around wearing her glittery thong leotards when she isn't performing? Do you recall ever seeing Megan Fox in booty shorts and crop tops, bending over cars and drawing shit on motorcycles when she wasn't filming Transformers? Do you see Adriana Lima strutting down the aisles of her local supermarket wearing wings, lingerie and heels? NO. Do you know why?...because sexy is their job.

Hellotreasure Wednesday, April 26, 2017

I swear half the people that came here, skimmed through the article and then started bashing her 🙃

kpop_foreverrr Wednesday, April 26, 2017

ahh i relly love hyuna

Longan_Lychee Wednesday, April 26, 2017

So many sexually frustrated and inexperienced underage kids calling her hypocrite an disliking reasonable comments. Let me clear this out. If an actress plays a character that’s promiscuous or a sex worker, it does NOT mean that they are slutty in real life. They strip off for their ROLE. HyunA is exposing her skin and doing suggestive moves on stage and MVs because it’s her JOB. HyunA is an idol, who is selling her image for her living. It does not mean she is promiscuous or ’’slutty’’ in REAL LIFE. She said that her exposing her skin is justified because it’s job like anyone else’s, even if she personally doesn’t like it. Now grow up kiddos before spouting naive comments :)

ShayMin Longan_Lychee Thursday, April 27, 2017

they just don't get it

_CLeO Wednesday, April 26, 2017


pinkmangoes Wednesday, April 26, 2017

sometimes when reading these comments i feel like people completely skip sections of the article and then comment. She said she doesn't like skin exposure tht isn't justified,not tht she doesn't like skin exposure. she also said people justify skin exposure in movies cause that is in a affect the actors job but people don't see the justification for artist doing the same thing on stage even if tht is still there job. Ya'll need to learn to read better.

mi_goreng Wednesday, April 26, 2017

what does she mean by justification XD if she wants to wear what she wants to wear just say so

Cutie888 Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Some people, I say some people are the real hypocrites. When some female idols other than your bias show some skin "she's a slut" but when your bias shows some skin, how come you say nothing? And it's a SEXY concept for goodness sake! What do you want them to do? Wear PJs? The amount of skin they show is nothing compared to American singers so I thought all of you would be used to it

Longan_Lychee Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Sexually immature people who really think her idol image equates to her being overly sexy all the time in real life. For fucks sake, if an actress has to act as a promiscuous girl, or a sex worker in a movie, it doesn’t make her a ''slut’’ in real life. This is the same, the justification for her revealing clothing is that it’s her fucking job as an entertainer, an idol. That’s what her career is built on. She doesn’t have to like the skin exposure, just like a cleaner maybe isn’t overly enthused about wiping toilets but a cleaner has to work because it’s their job. So many stupid commenters calling her a hypocrite.

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