Posted by Susan-Han Wednesday, February 1, 2017

'Reply 1988' actor Choi Sung Won revealed to have recovered from leukemia + to return through a play

It's been revealed that actor Choi Sung Won of 'Reply 1988' fame has currently recovered from his acute leukemia, which he was diagnosed with back in May of 2016

He will be returning to promotions after 6 months through a play, titled 'Miracles of the Namiya General Store', from February 10-11. In an official statement, Choi Sung Won addressed fans with:

"Due to personal reasons, I was unable to greet you all for a very long time. I am very thankful toward everyone who trusted in me and waited for me, as well as those who encouraged me. 

I also thank you for your love and attention toward No Eul from 'Reply 1988' last year. While I had taken a step forward in order to repay that with better acting and more effort, I was diagnosed with acute leukemia, very suddenly. After 6 months, I am now able to spend precious, thankful days, where I can once again dream of the road to an actor. 

Currently, I have a role in a play in February called 'Miracles of the Namiya General Store'. Because it is a play where we read out the script, rather than a formal play consisting of a lot bodily movement, I am enjoying practice without overexertion. 'Miracles of the Namiya General Store' was the first book of many books that I received as gifts when I first began treatment. Director Park So Young, a close comrade, suggested the play to me and I was able to participate in it with gratitude. 

I am careful about my future plans, despite your curiosity. I am also looking forward to the day that I can greet you with a better production, when I am healthier. I may be able to greet you better in the coming spring, or maybe a little later in the summer, so please maintain your health throughout the cold winter." 
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