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Netizens wonder why foreigners call tvN's 'Dokkaebi' as 'Goblin'

By KpopJoA   Wednesday, January 25, 2017   242,152   44,589   0



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With the ever growing popularity of tvN drama 'Goblin' netizens want to know why foreigners call 'Dokkaebi' (Korean name), 'Goblin', hoping foreign viewers would get it right. 

Dokkaebi is a mythical being in Korean folklore. The Dokkaebi plays pranks on people and punishes the wicked while rewarding good people with blessings including wealth. Although there are some similarities to the Western folklore creature "goblin," they are definitely not the same.

On an online community post titled 'Dokkaebi's foreign title', numerous photos of the drama titled as 'Goblin' were posted. To top, or rather, bottom things off, a funny photo of an actual green goblin was posted at the end, causing much laughter.

Netizens commented, 

"My foreign friend asked me if I was watching Goblin and I said 'What's That?'" 

"Can't they just use the original romanized version "Dokkaebi?" 

"I literally LOL'ed at this kekeke."

"They do look like dokkaebi, but I think the green goblins will swing the spiky bats around more." 

"This is hilarious!"

"Goblin... the lonely and great God... LOL."

"This is just so wrong."

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davidcs Thursday, February 9, 2017

Excuse me.. so what do u wanna translate dokkaebi word into english? Dont be oversensitive bcs english word doesnt match with ur own word.

Shinbu Monday, January 30, 2017

Do not judge the drama by it's title! HAHAHA :))

SuperFly_Snuka Friday, January 27, 2017

"any chance I get to whine, I take advantage of it"

anothergalaxy Thursday, January 26, 2017

This is a misunderstanding of the term "goblin" actually. In popular culture, "goblins" are usually thought of as those green, small creatures who live in caves and terrorize children. However, that is only one type of a goblin. There is no single version of a goblin, as they vary from culture to culture and in shape and purpose. To put it in the simplest terms, its like flowers. Roses and daises, for instance, are both considered flowers, though they are different kinds. Just the same, a Pukwudgie, a Hobgoblin, a Redcap, or even a Tengu or a Dokkaebi would be considered "goblins" in the English language as it is the broadest term to describe them. A Dokkaebi is unique to Korean culture, so when the term is translated, it translates with the closest, broadest term which would be "goblin". It's not weird at all, just a misunderstanding because of depictions in popular culture.

tsoyw Thursday, January 26, 2017

the tv station promoted it as Goblin to the international audience so thats what we call it? maybe ask tvn why they named it goblin

xloveseoul Thursday, January 26, 2017

Lol sorry if I don't know Korean and people expect me to search up "Dokkaebi" uhhh, I probably wouldn't be able to spell it right, like I had to scroll up just to see how it was spelled.  But if you're having a verbal conversation with someone and they're like yeah "check out Dokkaebi" I'd be like wtf all over. There's a reason why people translate it to their own languages and it's the same reason as to why people translate in the first place. To understand what the fck people are actually saying lmao.

DelARam501 Thursday, January 26, 2017

In my opinion , whatever the title was it doesn't matter anymore ... as an international viewer I didn't like the series from episode 13 till the end and the ending specially and that's what I am capable of nagging about rather that thinking about how we should call it ... :)))))))))))))) anyway the name Goblin was fine by me it's not a real creature anyway so there are no rules how to imagine it, we can relate to it and it's easy to remember but Dokkaebi is fine too . I will definitely go and search about the story behind it because I love ancient and mythical creatures and symbols .

DelARam501 Thursday, January 26, 2017

it would be good to know other mythical creatures from korean culture . I know Dokkaebi and Gumiho can anyone name some other too ?

cococcchanel Thursday, January 26, 2017

Probably because international viewers understands "goblin" better than "dokkaebi" (couldn't even write it without having to double-check it in the text…). Can't it be said about international shows and movies in Korea, e.g. Captain America: Civil War (or, likewise), as well?

Toss cococcchanel Thursday, January 26, 2017

Yes, it can. Whenever a movie goes overseas, the marketers have to decide whether to keep the original name or change it to pull in viewers. For example: "Philosopher's vs Sorcerers Stone." I have no idea what dokkaebi is, so I'm glad they changed it. Goblins are more versatile in literature than they think. His character is very similar to Fae goblins, who are sometimes human-looking and very powerful.

KP15 Thursday, January 26, 2017

Well we watched the drama and we know what the Goblin looks like in it. So what's the issue? It's not like if we call it in Korean people will be "ahhh Goblin" hahahah

IFNadine99 Thursday, January 26, 2017

If they feel calling 'goblin' sounds wrong, then we calling it 'dokkebi' sounds wrong too. Since i'm an international fans too, if I see the drama titled only the word 'dokkaebi', i wouldn't watch it. Cause hella what is the meaning? Its not like i want to explore the internet to search korean folk story about dokkaebi. I fall in love with this drama in the first sight because it's name is 'Goblin' though.

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