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Gaon Chart releases chart rankings for the month of December 2016

By GhostWriter   Monday, January 9, 2017   46,772   7,358   23



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The Gaon Chart is the national chart of South Korea and is intended to be the equivalent of Oricon in Japan and Billboard in the United States.

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Check out the chart rankings for the month of December 2016 (December 1 - December 31) below!

Gaon Chart National Digital Singles Ranking

RankArtist & TitleAgency & Distributor
1Big Bang - Fxxk ItYG / Kt music
2Chanyeol x Punch - Stay With me (Goblin OST)CJ E&M / Hwadam
3Heize - StarCJ E&M
4Crush - Beautiful (Goblin OST)CJ E&M / Hwadam
5Big Bang - Last DanceYG / Kt music
6Jung Seung Hwan - The FoolAntenna Music / Kt Music
7MAMAMOO - DecalcomanieRBW / CJ E&M
8Sechskies - Couple (2016)YG / Kt music
9TWICE - TTJYP / Kt music
10Bolbbalgan4 - Tell Me You Love MeShofar Music / Bugs

Gaon Chart National Physical Albums Ranking

RankArtist & AlbumAlbum SalesDistributor
1EXO - For Life 2016 Winter Album438,481Kt music
2Seventeen - Going Seventeen223,973Loen
3TWICE - TWICEcoaster _ LANE 1131,081 (Total Sales: 350,852)Kt music
4Big Bang - MADE (FULL)100,000Kt Music
5Sechskies - 2016 Re-ALBUM73,629Kt music
6LAY - LOSE CONTROL47,565 (Total Sales: 274,238)Kt music
7B1A4 - GOOD TIMING38,314 (Total Sales: 67,031)Loen
8Jessica - WONDERLAND38,271Interpark
9BTS - WINGS36,687 (Total Sales: 751,301)Loen
10A Pink - Dear


Online Downloads For The Month

RankArtist & TitleDownload CountLabel & Distributor
1Big Bang - Fxxk It599,655YG / Kt music
2Chanyeol x Punch - Stay With Me (Goblin OST)518,731CJ E&M / Hwadam
3Heize - Star494,788CJ E&M
4Big Bang - Last Dance448,906YG / Kt music
5Crush - Beautiful (Goblin OST)448,429CJ E&M / Hwadam
6Bolbbalgan4 - Tell Me You Love Me371,402Shofar Music / Bugs

Big Bang - Girlfriend

346,693YG / Kt music
8Jung Seung Hwan - The Fool316,318Antenna Music / Kt Music
910cm - My Eyes (Goblin OST)311,692CJ E&M / Hwadam
10Lasse Lindh - Hush (Goblin OST)300,619CJ E&M / Hwadam

Online Streams For The Month

RankArtist & TitleStreaming CountLabel & Distributor
1Heize - Star22,186,188CJ E&M
2Big Bang - Fxxk It21,403,050YG / Kt music
3TWICE - TT19,576,352JY / Kt music
4MAMAMOO - Decalcomanie

19,277,176RBW / CJ E&M
5Chanyeol x Punch - Stay With Me (Goblin OST)19,273,921CJ E&M / Hwadam
6Jung Seung Hwan - The Fool18,998,635Antenna Music / Kt music
7Zico ft. Crush, DEAN - Bermuda Triangle16,037,445Seven Seasons / CJ E&M
8Bolppalgan4 - Galaxy15,181,223Shofar Music / Bugs
9Big Bang - Last Dance
15,110,264YG / Kt music
10Black Pink - Playing With Fire14,927,931YG / Kt music

  1. Sechskies
  2. A Pink
  3. B1A4
  4. Big Bang
  5. Zico
  6. EXO
  7. Chanyeol
  8. Lay
  9. Jessica
  10. Seventeen
  11. (Bangtan Boys) BTS
  13. Crush
  14. Punch
  15. TWICE
  16. Jung Seung Hwan
  17. DEAN
  18. Heize
  19. Black Pink
  20. gaon
  21. Lasse Lindh

YixingsXback Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Lay nr 6 DO YOU ALL SEE MY CHINESE BABY :) And Exo nr 1! and of Channie nr 2 and 5! :)

kacichan Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Look I'm just so so proud of Chanyeol. I love Stay With Me so so much. Punch has such a beautiful voice and Yeol did so so well.

jeannesakarias Tuesday, January 10, 2017

LOL YG have bigbang

BASHER Tuesday, January 10, 2017

BIG BANG and EXO SLLLLAAAYYYYY.. *wishing wishing*

Uchiha2KJsofea Tuesday, January 10, 2017

its only the first month of going seventeen released tho~~ hit daebakkk lets go for #20SEVENTEEN

7amdowh Tuesday, January 10, 2017

wow blackpink is still on the list, slay girls

vincentrob11 Monday, January 9, 2017

Glad to see Apink, Bolbbalgan4, TWICE, Heize, & Jessica on the lists!

wonderboy47 Monday, January 9, 2017

Can we talk about Twice's sales though??? 350,000+?!?! That's crazy!!

clarissaxd Monday, January 9, 2017

B1A4 yus!

NoonaVip Monday, January 9, 2017

Anytime Big Bang release anything, you can expect it to be at #1 for that month. It happened all four months for the Made series and many times before that. It will happen again when they unite as ot5 again. Ahhhh I think I can give it a rest from looking at charts until a member of Big Bang release some solos or duos. Farewell gaon charts. For now.

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