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UP10TION are bombarded with hate comments targeting Wooshin during 'V'

By alice101   Wednesday, December 28, 2016   111,238   6,777   1



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UP10TION hosted a 'V' live recently after the Wooshin - Jeon So Mi incident and the group was bombarded with hateful comments from people who felt like Wooshin should've apologized for what happened. 

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At around 5:40 of their 'V,' some of the members freeze while reading comments. 

For over 7-8 seconds the members' eyes are fixed on the screen, probably reading the comments. Gogyeol is the one who stares at the comments the longest.

A little bit later, Gogyeol moves behind Wooshin and hugs him, as if comforting him.

And Wooshin, who is usually talkative and plays the MC of the group, stayed quiet and far away from the camera

Many of the comments were saying things like, "Sexual harasser, Wooshin, fxxk you," and "Wooshin, you're famous now for sexual harassment.

There were many more hateful comments, even after the live show was over.

"This group will be ruined because of Wooshin." 

"Not even famous"

"Just die"

"Sexual harassment idol" 

What do you think about this ongoing controversy? Should Wooshin directly address the issue and explain himself or does he owe no public comment since 'The Show' and Jeon So Mi's agency have already denied anything inappropriate happened? 

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allkpopellie Tuesday, June 6, 2017

I can 't believe that those bitches did that on vlive.

annaseyoooo Tuesday, January 17, 2017

he obiously dind't touch Somi and I think this is a huge misunderstanding... I feel so sorry for Wooshin, I could cry. Srsly i don't understand why those people are talking such sh*t and hating him T.T

Exo_Leia Wednesday, January 4, 2017

This is so sad :/ He didn't even look like he touched her and it all was just a misunderstanding imo. I mean, who would purposely do that on a video that everyone knows will be shown to the public? I feel so bad for him, he looks so depressed

Tylialist Friday, December 30, 2016

I feel really bad for Wooshin this whole thing was blown up way over the top, it was obvious it was just the camera angle that made it look like he touched Somi but didn't actually touch her. I really hope that this dies down and that he can recover from this....

Kawaiiparadox Friday, December 30, 2016

I really find this issue was overblown yes we truly don't know what happened obviously because we weren't at the scene it also could've been the angle that made it look as it was but I believe nobody should go around acting all cruel to the boy if they didn't even know what ACTUALLY happened as for the people who watched the video you see him moving his hand as he talks and the girl seems taken back but it does not meen he touched her its the same as when someone flinches as for the movement of the hands I for one tend to express myself using my hands as so do many other people and lastly if they released an official statement telling that nothing happened then leave it as is don't go around spreading hate out of your own convenience and don't think of one side and ignore the other put yourself in  their positions and visualize how they would be feeling on one hand we have  the boy that is being accused for supposedly sexually harassing someone and the girl who was harassed in my opinion I find it not right to condem a person before anything is clear this scandal will probably follow them and will be asked about many times so please don't go around causing hate and cruelty because nothing can be reversed once it permanent .-(I'm sorry for the long rant but I hope hear me out)

DeliriousMonster Thursday, December 29, 2016

Okay so about that video I'm going to share my opinion. Throughout the video, you can tell that the beginning, Wooshin wasnt himself, being quiet and away from the camera, you can obviously tell that he was feeling down or something was bothering him. So, one of the band members noticed that Wooshin wasnt himself. So, he gave him a comforting hug to let him know that everything will be okay. THERE WAS NO SEXUAL TOUCHING BETWEEN THEM WHATSOEVER!!!!! You guys need to get over yourselves about guys touching guys, over a hug to help comfort Wooshin. Its just like two females hugging. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that. I believe Wooshin shouldn't apologize for something that he didn't do. Remember that this is my opinion about this situation.

Tylialist DeliriousMonster Friday, December 30, 2016

Lol they weren't getting on the two guys for hugging they were mad at Wooshin from a video a few days ago of him and Somi (from ioi) and how a camera angle made it look like he touched her chest so people were saying he was 'sexually assaulting' her and in this article they brought up fans bombarded UP10TION's Vlive and harrassed him and Wooshin was upset so his bandmate comforted him.

Asianfan678 DeliriousMonster Friday, December 30, 2016

This isn't about this video. It's about the Somi and Wooshin incident that he is receiving all the hate from.

nellybelly141121 Thursday, December 29, 2016

The company they are under should start suing people for this.  This is the kinda shit that pushes idols in too depression. People need to learn how to stfu. Smh

minbyul83 Thursday, December 29, 2016

netizens have no life... remember that.... they even made up a name for themselves so they're existence has an excuse >_<

amy_amiable Thursday, December 29, 2016

How the fudge do these assholes even sleep at night after giving someone so much hate that he doesn't even deserve?

kjclover54 Thursday, December 29, 2016

Are you kidding me if that's sexual harassment then i don't want to think about when working in an office , because there you can be sure somethings going on . They are accusing him without any reason , it was just a peck , it's not that serious the second he wanted to grab her hand and the first she was surprised . I don't know why everyone has to overreact and making Wooshin feel bad for nothing . It's not fair , i can think of a lot worse things to see but not this.Haters keep on hating as always , they got nothing better to do and i'm glad he didn't apologise , because there is no need to . Wooshin stay strong , don't mind the haters . Fighting !!!!!!!!

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