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Netizens get upset after Kim Ji Soo seemingly disses 'Hwarang'

By alice101   Tuesday, December 20, 2016   109,363   2,822   0



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Kim Ji Soo from 'Hwarang: The Beginning' is getting negative comments from netizens about her recent Instagram post that seems to diss her own drama. 

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On December 20, the actress uploaded a screen shot from one of her past projects and wrote a long caption that goes along with it. The message reads, "Always being able to do good projects is difficult...Often I start something because it seems great but then it goes off-course...there are many unexpected factors..." 

The screen shot of her past work is from one of her most successful works, so netizens are interpreting this message to be a diss aiming at 'Hwarang: The Beginning,' which aired yesterday. 

One netizen wrote, "What a team-kill. Why would she write this?" Another person commented, "Even if you don't like the drama so much, there are many people who worked're putting all of them down..." One netizen speculated, "I think she's just unhappy about the way she is portrayed in the drama. She looks super awkward in the first episode." 

늘..좋은 작품을 한다는건,그리고 만난다는건 쉬운것 같지만 참 어려운 일이다. 좋은것같아 시작했는데 배가 산으로 가는 경우도 허다하고 변수가 너무 많기도 하다. 할수만 있다면 매번 하얗게 불태우고 싶은게 나같이 연기라는 일을 하는 사람들의 마음이나, 그림처럼 오로지 혼자서만 하는 일이 아니니 그또한 쉽지않다. 그렇다고 열가지의 조건을 다 만족시키는 것들을 기다리고만 있을수도없다. 하지만...많은것들에 의지와 열정이 나뭇가지 부러지듯 꺾이기도 하지만.. 가슴한켠에 불을 꺼트리지않기 위해 애써야한다. . . 여자,정혜때 스틸컷을 오랜만에 보다가 넋두리. 지금보니 나와 정민오빠 둘다 참 애기같았구만. 저때ㅎ~ 울지못했던 정혜처럼.. 아니 울지못한게 아니라 울지않았지만, 오늘은 쌓아놓은거,쌓여있는거 펑펑 울어 풀기라도 해야겠군. #여자정혜 #넋두리

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eirayza Wednesday, December 21, 2016

perhaps she expected so much of her new character and was suddenly developed into something/someone else.

cococcchanel Wednesday, December 21, 2016

If wonder if she discusses the show or the many errors and accidents that happen behind the scenes, a k a the production.

IARMYGIRL93 Wednesday, December 21, 2016

My question is, where is the diss....?

IAMMACHO Wednesday, December 21, 2016

hwarang is disaster.... the drama 'good' because of the flower boys

Crazy_Dog IAMMACHO Wednesday, December 21, 2016

basically yo it drop in rating again for the 2nd episode. im gonna drop it because i got bored of it

KP15 Wednesday, December 21, 2016

She just mad the attention not on her. The first 2 episodes is not bad.

hahnz38 KP15 Wednesday, December 21, 2016

she got my attention on the first 2 episode.... as "Flat Chest Queen"

jinssam Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Regardless of whether she's referring to "Hwarang", which she clearly is, it's unprofessional to write something like that, especially if you're actively in an ongoing production. There's no need for that, especially in the beginning stages. You can't complain that these celebrities deserve privacy if they're posting something like this in public knowing how netizens will react. It's called a diary.

really_me Wednesday, December 21, 2016

wow, the pic for this article is terrible, it's kind of scary really (not saying she's ugly, just the makeup+lighting+angle)

MargtEsperanza Tuesday, December 20, 2016

I'm not gonna "hate" her, I'll just say i liked the 2 episodes so far I loved Park Seo Joon and of course Lee Kwang Soo made me cry a river, I was expecting more from Hyungsik and Go Ah Ra (cause I know they can do better) still think it'll get better, but... about Kim Ji Soo sorry I skiped all her parts it was unbearable

Looolgolol Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Where is the diss that suppose to aimed at Hawarang tho.... you can't just assume something like that because of something vague she wrote

sicupidcipid Looolgolol Wednesday, December 21, 2016

some people are just so narrow minded and have lot of negative thoughts. why can they look at it in different angle... sigh.

wexonex3 Tuesday, December 20, 2016

She's the one who doesn't give a Queen aura in the drama tbh ..

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