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[Drama Review] 'The Legend of The Blue Sea' - Episode 8

By AllK_Maknae   Saturday, December 10, 2016   35,608   5,907   3



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Get ready to start crying, as episode 8 of 'The Legend of The Blue Sea' is filled with nothing but pure drama, heartbreak and worrisome warnings about true love and relationships.

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Someone peed in the pool!


While Shim Cheong (Jun Ji Hyun) may be as eccentric but optimistic as ever, the harsh reality of life on earth is settling in all around her. From Yoo Jeong Hoon (Jo Jung Suk) trying to convince her to go back home and not fall in love because "humans always lie and cannot accept us," to Heo Joon Jae (Lee Min Ho) himself not being able to admit his feelings for Shim Cheong, it seems we are drawing closer to an unhappy ending.

Viewers already know that Shim Cheong's heart will harden if she does not find her true love while on land and I can already predict she will suffer a life or death situation regarding this situation in a future episode. But Shim Cheong isn't the only character suffering a death sentence - the evil murderer Ma Dae Young is finally becoming the big threat he was made out to be in the past.

I was pretty impressed by the fight scene between Ma Dae Young and Heo Joon Jae. Lee Min Ho played the tough guy act quite well and it seemed more believable when he was fighting back and taking hits. I really worried just how Heo Joon Jae would make it out alive from this situation as he was so close to being stabbed to death by Ma Dae Young. 

Yet, it is a bit unbelievable that just a few flashing lights and car horns suddenly going off would be enough to scare Ma Dae Young and have him run off and not finish the job. Ehh, K-Drama 101.

Aside from that, the plot is advancing excellently and maintaining a good character development. Keeping viewers on their toes, we are still going back and forth about how we feel towards Heo Joon Jae's step-brother Heo Chi Hyun. He appeared to be hunting down Heo Joon Jae in the beginning and even responsible for intentionally hurting Shim Cheong, yet we can see he is digging deeper into the mysterious car accident caused by Ma Dae Young and still searching out Heo Joon Jae behind his evil mother's (Ahn Jin Joo) back.

I just wish Heo Joon Jae's dad would open his eyes already and realize just how manipulative Ahn Jin Joo is. Every drama has that one sinister woman we can't stand and Ahn Jin Joo is it. She will do anything to eliminate Heo Joon Jae and take their family fortune.

But let us not forget Cha Si Ah! She may seem more comical during her dialogue with Shim Cheong if anything, but she will appear as a threat to Shim Cheong sooner than we think. I feel she will investigate more into Shim Cheong's past alongside Jo Nam Doo and reveal her secret of being a mermaid in an ill-mannered way.

I am developing more and more suspicion from Jo Nam Doo as he is seen stealing Shim Cheong's pearls! Once a con man, always a con man but I do love the fact that the drama is taking a character that is so close to Heo Joon Jae and setting them up with the plot of betrayal.

The storyline is finally starting to pick up the pace as it dabbled more in the present time rather than the past. The death of fellow mermaid Yoo Jeong Hoon really showcased how little time Shim Cheong has to make Heo Joon Jae fall in love with her. If it weren't for the small "facts" and troubles that befall mermaids while on land, the drama would be quite boring.

There are little scenes of silence or aesthetics here and there that I still find unnecessary and I would like to see Shim Cheong reveal her mermaid secret sooner than later - especially before someone else rather meddlesome does it for her. Episode 8 successfully added more interesting factors to the storyline but if the show comes to a slow halt, it may be taking a dive in the shallow end of our interests.

Although it ended with no particular cliffhanger, viewers will be wondering if Shim Cheong will finally head back to the sea or confess her feelings and how Heo Joon Jae will recover from his serious fight wounds. Until next week, just keep swimming!




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sugaisbae Sunday, December 11, 2016

i like the new ost

nami_chan Saturday, December 10, 2016

Her friend is dead =( , I loved their moments crying with the black plastic bag making pearls haha xD

LovelySerenity Saturday, December 10, 2016

Luckily I didn't cry this episode (or any so far) and I love the new ost called Shy Boy <3 This show is addictive and I love the little comedy here and there. I love Cheong's character, she's adorable, hilarious, naive, and interesting :)

The End



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