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[Drama Review] 'Goblin' - Episode 8

By AllK_Maknae   Tuesday, December 27, 2016   40,843   5,025   0



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Korea's current TV sensation 'Goblin' has completely wowed me and went above and beyond everyone's expectations in episode 8. From past lives and conflicting love interests to catastrophic events and meddling with the balance of life and death - episode 8 revived the intensity viewers remember and longed for since the beginning.

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"How do Korean idols even sleep pretty?" pondered Ji Eun Tak.

While the beginning was a bit blah and rehashed a lot from the previous episode, the storyline really comes together and sets everything on the table. Not only are a majority of the character's identities and intentions revealed but we are also discovering more about their past lives as well. 

Thankfully this episode was a little less about romantic dialogue and focused on some good stuff - death, supernatural powers and climactic action scenes!


The elaborate car accident was all the action I needed for one night! What I enjoyed most about this scene was the fact that it wasn't overdone by appearing too dramatic - it had a sense of realism in the way it spanned out which made it more frightening! The way the man's bike swerves into a nearby vendor, causing him to get hit by a car and ultimately lead into one terrifying collision and a bus flipping over - my heart is racing just re-imagining it.

In regards to more otherworldly scenarios, I am becoming more curious about the peculiar ghosts Ji Eun Tak (Km Go Eun) is encountering - specifically the one who died in a car accident. Are some of their stories hints or clues linked to Ji Eun Tak's future? The mystery and excitement of it all certainly juices up the plot.

This time around the romance and actions between Kim Shin (Gong Yoo) and Ji Eun Tak were more delightful and sincere. Usually, her aegyo is a bit extra, but now it seems to have become more authentic. 

From her gently caressing his hair when he is sick to pretending to be angry at Kim Shin even when he brings her favorite scarf and waits for Ji Eun Tak at the bus stop, those few little interactions make their relationship more appealing and less awkward.

I feel viewers can agree that all we want to see is more development in the Grim Reaper (Lee Dong Wook) and Sunny's (Yoo In Na) relationship. It's comical yet awkward - cute yet strange. It effortlessly keeps us intrigued, and Lee Dong Wook has a lot to do with it on my end.

Lately, a reappearing concept throughout the plot is the idea of a "first love." While I wonder if they are referring to something such as a soulmate (due to the reincarnation theme), the first love bit seems out of place. Why does Kim Shin seem to be more involved with his deceased sister suddenly and did he truly have a first love - nonplatonic? 

Some signs point to yes since Ji Eun Tak did a little digging and had Deok Hwa read an ancient script that was revealed to be a love letter. I'm interested in what it can be but only time will truly tell. When the storyline gets me this inquisitive, you know it is good!

But, as I stated in the past, this new love seems to already have an unhappy ending as Big Red (who is now known as a deity similar to God) appears and warns Kim Shin. She states that he must return to ashes and remove the sword or else Ji Eun Tak cannot fulfill the destiny he bestowed upon her. If he refuses, then she will die.

Big Red is the only fitting name for her. Please make it a trend on Twitter!

We already knew the decision was fatal but now the stakes are even higher. Ironically enough, the Reaper reveals the truth about the sword to Ji Eun Tak, which makes her more reluctant to fulfill her duties. Will she choose a life with death always around the corner or accept her fate as the Goblin Bride? We will only know in episode 9!




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laeiya88 Wednesday, December 28, 2016

The person reviewing this drama do this pereson even watch this drama properly ? That letter was about Eun tak lol

becksinspecks Tuesday, December 27, 2016

That wasn't a love letter Deok Hwa translated for Eun Tak. It was something Kim Shin wrote about wanting to die when he finds his bride. Since Eun Tak doesn't know Chinese, Deok Hwa said it was a love letter to his first love (he knows what it actually says). About his sister- he feels remorse because of what happened when he was alive. She died when he took those steps towards the king. He wants to find her reincarnation and ask for forgiveness. He probably never had a first love. Maybe the reason why the king treated him the way he did was because the queen loved Kim Shin more than the king.I just had to log in and correct some of what the writer posted. Some of it is wrong.

MissBBLover Tuesday, December 27, 2016

this drama is so good i cant say nothing it's only couple of actors no too much drama going on so good my kind drama i cant wait ep 9 it will be sad

MidnightKpop Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Amazing.  Top 10 drama all time.

The End



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