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[Drama Review] 'Entourage' - Episode 10

By beansss   Tuesday, December 6, 2016   9,077   1,512   0



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In episode 10 of 'Entourage,' things are really starting to become unfair thanks to the fact that we all have to watch Kim Eun Gap (Jo Jin Woong) take the blow again and again for all of Cha Young Bin (Seo Kang Jun)'s mistakes and screw ups. 

As fans of K-pop idols, we have this picture of a thriving empire of large companies and company heads and those who hold the strings in their hands while we imagine that our idols are the puppets - doing whatever the string holders bid them to do. I've never once thought about it from this perspective until this drama, so that's one good takeaway from the episode I'd like to highlight. I understand now that the stars are never the ones to get fired when things go wrong. It's the managers, the representatives, the companies, everyone behind the scenes, who take the fall. In that way, a star has absolute authority. And what I'm seeing from Cha Young Bin's character in this past weekend's two episodes is a star's abuse of his absolute authority. Anyone care to agree or disagree?

This is my face when I look at Young Bin these days...

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I don't understand at all why the producers decided to leave out the conversations that Young Bin and Eun Gap had at the end of the episode. That conversation is literally the only thing that can help us understand Young Bin's decision at the very end, when he tells his manager/friend Lee Ho Jin (Park Jung Min) that they need to start looking for a new company. Literally, without that conversation in place, this whole storyline just becomes a forced, unreasonable thing, with no ground for viewers to step on and make sense of Young Bin's motives. If Young Bin were the real antagonist here in this story, that would be fine. Sometimes, we don't know the motives of antagonists in stories, because they're the type of people we can't understand in the first place. But because it doesn't seem to me like the producers are trying to make Young Bin the bad guy here, I'm more confused than ever. I have no sympathy and of course no empathy for Young Bin, who is acting like a spoiled brat. I want to know if Eun Gap told Young Bin the real, whole truth during their last conversation, because if Young Bin listens to that, yeah that, and still has stupidity and pride enough to not listen to Eun Gap, then he becomes a character that the audience can no longer relate to. Where is this story going, for real?

Mmm, preach it Amber, preach!

Not to mention I'm still not fully recovered from the letdown of the last episode, which in turn makes me discontent at how little the story has managed to progress in this episode, as well. Cha Jun (Lee Kwang Soo) and Turtle (Lee Dong Hwi)'s sitcom-style adventures are really helping me out here since without them, I don't know if I'd be able to sit through the bubble of frustration that this drama has become so suddenly over the past weekend. I sort of didn't see a very intelligible point in the "nude photography" scene, but Cha Jun and Turtle's naive episodes have become pleasant enough just by the fact that they are both characters we want to see happy and successful, but at the same time we can't help it if they get into trouble (AGAIN) and end up crying. 

Okay, this tiny moment where we get a picture of what real drama scriptwriters are like? And how they play games on their tablet while they write lines? Priceless. (And reminds me of myself a teeny little bit...)

While my affection toward Young Bin has been deescalating quickly and Ho Jin's character barely has any parts anymore, Eun Gap is beginning to feel majorly like the should-be-main-character; all the while, Joy Jung (f(x)'s Amber) has managed to assume a solid role next to Eun Gap as the reciter of the spell: "It's Okay." But all in all, blinded by my frustration toward Young Bin and his selfish ass, I can't seem to draw up any possible conclusions to this drama that would make me happy other than if Young Bin would just suck it up already and do the movie with Sohee and make everyone happy. I'm always in favor of overarching themes in which realistic characters make realistic mistakes, and we, as well as the supporting characters around them, have room to say, "It's okay." What I'm not in favor of is a star who refuses to admit to his mistakes, falsely believes that others are at fault for his failures, and still has people around him saying "It's okay." Do you see the difference here? Next time, let's really cross our fingers and hope 'Entourage' goes back to the light, feel-good drama it was in the beginning. 

This is the sasaeng fans trying to get into our K-pop idols' dorms at night.

This is the terrified faces of our K-pop idols trapped inside. 





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